2022 40 Under 40 Winners

The 2022 40 Under 40 award winners are models of achievement

Without skipping a beat, this group of 40 Under 40 winners has proven to be professionally resourceful and clever while retaining their personal passions and family balance. Camping, sports, mountain biking, travel and a host of other activities round out the 2022 40 Under 40 winners as they continue to donate their time, energy and expertise to the building engineering community. Competitive in their careers, these winners have pushed until they’ve achieved success at the workplace, and in meeting clients’ needs. Their goals are lofty, and their accomplishments are remarkable. No two winners are alike; each has his or her area of emphasis and motivation. This set of winners doesn’t fail to impress.



Erica Antoine

Rodney Ashmore

Grant Askren

Rob Best

Diane Borys

Orlando Cruz

Molly Dee-Ramasamy

Chi Do

Jeffrey Donaldson

Cory Duggin

Tyler Dykes

Erik Elmtoft

Aaron Frantz

Jonathan Gasser

Philip Gonski

Paul Graves

Sam Graves

Megan Gunther Hardman

Tasha Harvey

Charles Jackson III

Ilona Johnson

Mohamed Kamaludeen

Bibek Karki

Poornabodh Kashyap

Caroline Kelty

Pallavi Mantha

Caleb Marvin

Weijun “Allen” Mei

Saagar Patel

Varun Perumalla

Tiago Ribeiro

Sara Richardson

Emmy Riley

Tim Shinnick

Neil Steiner

Nora Swanson

Josh Thede

Linda Toth

Rufei Wang

Rachel Will


Christina Miller, Content Editor; Chris Vavra, Web Content Manager; Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief