2022 40 Under 40: Tim Shinnick, PE, CEM, QCxP, 36

Project Manager, Grumman|Butkus Associates; BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

By Amara Rozgus, Chris Vavra, and Christina Miller May 16, 2022

A creative, analytical and quiet type, Shinnick was attracted to the hands-on nature of mechanical engineering. He specializes in retro-commissioning and commissioning work and building analysis, particularly for health care and higher education clients. GBA became his work home after graduation and he began his career in the HVAC field performing energy audits. When local utility ComEd launched its incentivized retro-commissioning program shortly after Shinnick was hired, the retro-commissioning field started booming. Though Shinnick is passionate about retro-commissioning, he has seen how valuable his work in commissioning, retro-commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning has been to making him a well-rounded engineer. He has benefited from approaching projects from different perspectives: for a new construction project, the team has to determine appropriate design loads to avoid future operational issues, while for an existing building project the team has to investigate known operational or energy performance issues. Programming and web design have always interested Shinnick and he recently used this to further his career. In 2017, he collaborated with a co-worker to develop an Excel-based fault detection application. Shinnick, realizing some of Excel’s limitations, decided to develop an application to support outputs from the now Python-based fault detection application using his previous web design experience. His interest in professional growth also relates to his personal commitment to keep learning, growing and contributing outside of work. Shinnick volunteered as a Big Brother in Chicago for several years and also volunteers to assist students in career events. He enjoys spending time at home with his wife and two boys. In his private time, he plays music and is passing on his father’s woodworking skills to his sons.