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HVAC/R and Mechanical November 1, 2024

Sustainable alternative to fan coil unit replacement

EnviroKIT is a kitted vertical stack fan coil replacement solution, engineered and packaged to meet the technical specifications of your existing configurations by replace aging and failing components as an alternative to full unit replacement. As a customized solution, EnviroKIT is sustainably designed for compatibility and cost savings by extending the life of your fan coil units. The EnviroKIT from IEC is offered in four tiers to align with budget, time and installation constraints and offers the flexibility of packaged replacement component solutions as required. By repurposing the existing cabinet from your installed unit, EnviroKIT helps to minimize wasteful landfill contribution, simplify installation labor and minimize waste expense for a sustainable alternative to fan coil unit replacement.

IEC International Environmental Corporation
Motors and Drives February 26, 2024

Neodymium iron boron magnets for mission critical applications

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation, a subsidiary of Compass Diversified  and leading global manufacturer of high-performance magnets and more, highlights its Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets for aerospace and defense industry applications. Neodymium Iron Boron magnets offer unparalleled energy storage and transfer, making them especially fit for a variety of mission-critical applications where high-energy materials can get the job done best. Their high energy potential makes them ideal for use in high-performance motors, magnetic resonance imaging, sensors and more. While Neodymium Iron Boron has corrosive potential, Arnold offers corrosion-resistant coating for its NdFeB magnets, sourced from high-quality suppliers produced under close control. In compliance with the John S.

Arnold Magnetics
Fire and Life Safety February 22, 2024

Smoking Detection System

FreshAir1 monitors, immediately detects, and proves tobacco and marijuana smoking in casino hotels   Lebanon, NH – FreshAir, an industry leader in the development of sensors to detect and alert for hazardous chemicals, highlights its unique and highly effective FreshAir Smoking Detection System for casino hotels, the only technology available to monitor for, immediately detect, and prove tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased customers' concerns about cleanliness, often expressed by sensitivity to the presence of cigarette smoke and residual odors in guest rooms. FreshAir sensors help to reassure guests of the cleanliness of casino hotels.   The FreshAir Smoking Detection System is ideal for casino hotel operators to enforce their no-smoking policies, protect infrastructure investments, secure cleaning fees, and avoid chargebacks. FreshAir sensors alert casino hotel management that a customer is smoking in a room from the first cigarette, so the need for a lengthy and costly remediation process is eliminated, and so too is the risk of significant dissatisfaction among neighboring and subsequent guests.   The FreshAir devices are WiFi enabled, allowing them to notify hotel staff immediately of smoking incidents or of tampering with the device.

FreshAir Sensor
Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps February 22, 2024

Vertical pump configurations for lube and hydraulic reservoirs

The SNA series will be expanded to include vertical pump configurations for installation in lube and hydraulic oil reservoirs. Allweiler's goal is to increase the versatility and performance of the API 676-compliant SNA pump range to meet the individual needs of various industries and applications. The portfolio expansion includes the following features: More choices for tank installations: The expansion of the SNA portfolio is in response to increasing customer interest in customized pump solutions for tank installations. The SNA pump range now offers three alternative vertical pump configurations, giving OEMs greater flexibility when installing the pump in the tank: SNAF-V with ASME suction and discharge flanges. SNAF-P with suction side pipe thread connection to extend the immersion depth SNAF-S with suction strainer to protect pump and system from solids As always, all three tank-mounted options are available with either a bare shaft end or as a unit with coupling, pump bracket and motor.

Circor International
Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps February 15, 2024

Design envelope permanent magnet pumps

Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced an expanded range of design envelope permanent magnet pumps that are engineered to deliver 35-65% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional integrated pumps with induction motors. Available in mid-February with motors up to 60hp, these design envelope permanent magnet pumps operate at NEMA ultra-premium efficiency levels that exceed the targets set by the US Department of Energy and the NRCan Office of Energy Efficiency.

Armstrong Fluid Technology
Buildings February 14, 2024

Reinforcement anchors for retrofit building projects

Cintec North America announces its reinforcement anchors that offer stability and support during the revitalization of Canada’s most renowned concert venue, Massey Hall. As Massey Hall marks its 125th anniversary, a century and a quarter of Canadian history has been stripped bare to be massively restored, not only to recapture the hall’s original sound, but to make sure it will serve audiences for generations to come. This restoration project is proudly supported by Cintec's anchors.  Cintec reinforcement anchors can stabilize and strengthen an unreinforced masonry structure without the need for external and internal steel bracing, making them ideal for historical buildings, masonry bridges, monument repair, high rise buildings, retaining walls and harbor walls. Cintec™ reinforcement anchors also withstand freeze-thaw cycles without shrinkage or loss of strength, limiting the threat of Toronto, Ontario weather to the historic structure. The Cintec system comprises a steel section in a mesh fabric sleeve, into which a specially developed cementitious grout is injected under low pressure to create both a mechanical and cementitious bond.

Cintec North America
Boilers, Chillers February 2, 2024

Sequoia Electrode High-voltage Boiler

AERCO, a Watts brand, introduces Sequoia, a high voltage immersed electrode hot water boiler series for large commercial and industrial applications requiring a virtually 100% energy efficient, emission-free heating solution. Available in seven sizes from 2,500 kW to 60,000 kW, the boiler family delivers simplicity and cost-efficiency during installation, operation, and maintenance.   Sequoia continues AERCO’s commitment to provide solutions that address the increase in legislative policies and regulations to reduce commercial building carbon emissions. Building owners and facility managers can rely on AERCO to provide reliable, advanced heating solutions that are an effective approach to meet decarbonization and electrification mandates.   By providing 97% efficiency, clean operation, and no emissions, Sequoia is a perfect solution for applications where building decarbonization and/or electrification are key considerations.   Its automatic controls provide seamless operation over an output range of 10% to 100% (10:1 modulation) to optimize demand fluctuations while reducing operating and supervisory personnel.

Pumps February 1, 2024

e-1510X Smart Pump

Featuring built-in intelligence and a sustainable-forward, compact design, the e-1510X Smart Pump marries the proven efficiency of the e-1510 end-suction pump with Xylem’s innovative hydrovar X Smart Motor, creating the most efficient and serviceable smart pump package on the market. With the highest efficiency IE5 permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor and market-leading motor technology that doesn’t use rare earth metals, the e-1510X offers maximum simplicity, serviceability and sustainability. It is also the first motor-drive combination with a modular design where the motor or drive can be replaced independently, making it easy to select, commission and operate.

Power Quality January 23, 2024

Critical power monitoring device

M70 is Starline's next-generation power monitoring device for mission-critical environments. The platform offers enhanced energy metering to ensure your system's electrical infrastructure is performing at optimal levels. Revenue-grade power monitoring data is essential when making actionable, purpose-driven decisions in the data center environment. Whether that monitoring is required at the power feed, branch-circuit level or stand-alone enclosure, Starline’s M70 offers unmatched granularity. Equipped with the most comprehensive breadth of features on the market, the meter includes everything from temperature monitoring to audible alarms and a pivoting display for easy visual access from the floor. Features and benefits of the M70 include: Redesigned LED and LCD displays for real-time visual data reference. Easily configured with DCIM and BMS packages for quick field deployment. The most extensive communications protocol offering on the market.

Legrand Data Power and Control
HVAC/R and Mechanical January 23, 2024

Baltimore Aircoil Company Series 3000

Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. (BAC), a marketplace leader in cooling solutions, highlights their evaporative cooling solutions for electric vehicle battery (EV) manufacturing. EV production is growing at a rapid rate.

Baltimore Aircoil Company