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HVAC/R and Mechanical August 31, 2023

EH oil regeneration fine filter element

The EH oil regeneration fine filter element DR913EA03V/-W is a primary filter element in the turbine EH oil regeneration system. Its main function is to filter impurities and particulate matter in the fuel oil to avoid affecting the regeneration device. Why use this precision filter cartridge as a primary filtration device? The main reasons are as follows: High filtration accuracy: The regeneration unit requires a high level of purity for EH oil, and requires removal of fine particles and contaminants.

Dongfang Yoyik (Deyang) Engineering Co., Ltd.
Air Quality August 21, 2023

Fan filter diffuser line

Greenheck fan filter diffusers are unidirectional diffusers with integrated EC motors and high-efficiency filters that provide ultra-clean air necessary in critical applications or retrofit applications where additional power is needed to overcome filter pressure drop. Ceiling-mounted, inline and portable models are available. Model HLC-FPS is a self-contained fan filter supply diffuser with industry-leading airflow rates up to 1200 cfm to meet USP 797 and 800 air change requirements. The HLC-FPS connects directly to system ductwork and is simple to install in a ceiling grid or hard ceiling. Model HLC-FPR is a ceiling or wall-mounted fan filter return diffuser that creates a negative pressure environment drawing air up and out of a room, removing airborne contaminants via the unit’s gel-seal high-efficiency filter and discharging clean air. Model HLC-FPI is a ducted inline fan filter unit designed to continuously filter the air passing through the unit and remove a wide range of airborne contaminants, making it ideal for schools, office buildings and other commercial indoor environments. Model HLC-FPC is a fan filter mobile cart available in both recirculation and return/exhaust configurations that can act as an in-room air purification device. Greenheck fan filter diffusers provide quiet, energy-efficient operation and can be specified with HEPA or ULPA filters or supplementary MERV-rated pre-filters depending upon the application.

Building Envelope August 18, 2023

Anodized Aluminum for Architectural Applications

Lorin Industries, Inc., the global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, highlights its anodized aluminum for architectural applications. Lorin’s coil anodizing process builds an anodic layer from the aluminum, bonding it to the surface at the molecular level, thus protecting the aluminum from the elements. The anodized aluminum will not chip, flake, peel, or corrode and also resists scratching. With a Mohs Hardness score comparable to sapphire, and corrosion resistance that leaves the metal unaffected by salt and air, coil anodized aluminum provides durable beauty that cuts maintenance costs while providing added environmental benefits.

Auto-Chlor System
HVAC/R and Mechanical August 17, 2023

Sustainable heat-rejection condensers for refrigeration

Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. (BAC) highlights its leading innovative and sustainable products for refrigeration. BAC’s sustainable heat-rejection products for refrigeration include the CXVT Evaporative Condenser XE models, the Vertex Evaporative Condenser, and the TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Condenser.

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Building Integration System August 10, 2023

i-Vu Express building automation device

Carrier has released its latest i-Vu Express building automation device. The new connected device comes pre-installed with i-Vu Express v8.5 software and can receive automatic software updates. The i-Vu Express building automation system provides a 360 degree view of a building’s entire operation allowing operators to maintain comfort for occupants, optimize energy usage and resolve problems faster.

Power Systems August 3, 2023

9PX 6 kVA lithium-ion uninterrupted power supply

The 9PX 6 kVA lithium-ion UPS incorporates innovative capabilities, including lithium-ion batteries, remote firmware upgrades and seamless integration with leading HCI and virtualization platforms. This makes it ideal for edge computing environments as well as light industrial, K-12, higher education and healthcare IT applications. Its longer battery life allows for a "set-it-and-forget-it" approach that requires little on-site support form IT staff, data center professionals or maintenance personnel.

Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps August 1, 2023

Pressurizing Pump

Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled a new high performance Pressurizing Pump for the Latin American residential market that is designed to increase hydraulic pressure in homes that have dishwashers, high-flow showerheads, water heaters and other high-demand equipment. Featuring low power consumption and a flow sensor that allows automatic activation, the new Armstrong Pressurizing Pump can supply a home with 1 to 5 bathrooms. It can be installed at the outlet of a water tank or before any supply or derivation to service. Adaptable to both cold and hot water up to 90°C, the new pump is ideal for instantaneous heaters. It can also be used for ventilation, heating and air conditioning circulation. The pump activates automatically when a tap is opened and turns off when the tap is closed.

Armstrong Fluid Technology
Lighting and Lighting Controls July 26, 2023

Fiber-coupled LED source

LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Fiber-coupled LED sources that are designed to generate high radiant power with spectrally stable output. They combine high performance with ease-of-use. NewDEL™ LED sources can be highly effective replacements for lasers and lamps for many scientific and industrial applications such as spectroscopy, optogenetics, photodynamic therapy, fluorescence excitation and photocatalysis. LumeDEL’s NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs include 17 narrowband models with peak wavelengths from the UV to the near-IR spectral regions, as well as two white light LEDs and a continuum source.

Building Integration System July 19, 2023

Cogeneration systems for combined heat and power applications

 Russelectric, a Siemens Business, is a manufacturer of automatic transfer switches and power control systems, who manufactures UL-listed cogeneration systems for combined heat and power (CHP) applications in which the generator sets are run to serve the connected load and heat is also recovered for other uses. Designed and built for mission critical facilities such as healthcare, research and development and campus facilities, Russelectric cogeneration systems are designed to provide maximum protection for operators and maintenance personnel and to minimize the danger of operator error. All Russelectric cogeneration systems are UL listed, offer programmable logic controller (PLC) system controls, and are supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)-capable. They feature utility/generator and other power assets paralleling control, and provide active synchronization and soft loading. Systems use a utility-approved interconnecting protective relay system. Russelectric cogeneration power control switchgear may have additional controls and monitoring to optimize heat recovery.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Arc Flash and Electrical Safety July 18, 2023

G57 premium elastomer

Chemraz® G57 is a perfluoroelastomer that Greene Tweed material scientists and application engineers specifically developed to meet the demands of aggressive dry plasma systems and other extremely demanding semiconductor fabrication sealing applications. Chemraz® G57 perfluoroelastomer’s unique formulation provides enhanced plasma resistance and minimal contamination, resulting in less downtime and higher wafer processing yields. Recommended primarily for both static and dynamic oxide etch wafer processing applications, Chemraz® G57 remains stable at service temperatures up to 572°F. Boasting nearly universal chemical compatibility, and the broadest chemical resistance of any elastomeric material, Chemraz® G57 is idea for use across a wide range of sealing applications, including endpoint windows, bell jar seals, valve seals, KF fitting seals, window seals, isolator valve seals, lid seals, gas inlet seals, slit valve seals and chamber seals. Greene Tweed delivers highly customizable solutions guaranteed to provide excellent performance under extremely challenging operating conditions in the semiconductor industry. Its portfolio of advanced elastomer seals and thermoplastic components are found throughout a broad range of mission-critical equipment in key process areas of the world’s semiconductor fabs, including etch, deposition, aqueous and electro-chemical (electroplating).

Greene Tweed