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HVAC/R and Mechanical November 1, 2024

Sustainable alternative to fan coil unit replacement

EnviroKIT is a kitted vertical stack fan coil replacement solution, engineered and packaged to meet the technical specifications of your existing configurations by replace aging and failing components as an alternative to full unit replacement. As a customized solution, EnviroKIT is sustainably designed for compatibility and cost savings by extending the life of your fan coil units. The EnviroKIT from IEC is offered in four tiers to align with budget, time and installation constraints and offers the flexibility of packaged replacement component solutions as required. By repurposing the existing cabinet from your installed unit, EnviroKIT helps to minimize wasteful landfill contribution, simplify installation labor and minimize waste expense for a sustainable alternative to fan coil unit replacement.

IEC International Environmental Corporation
Power Systems July 16, 2024

System control upgrades for critical power equipment

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, highlights its system control upgrades for critical power equipment for enhanced reliability, operational control, and ease-of-maintenance. These upgrades are a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement. By upgrading, customers can experience improved performance and capabilities, updated systems with the latest technology, and a prolonged lifespan for their mission-critical equipment. Additionally, maintenance requirements are decreased, and serviceability is improved.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Other Building Types July 15, 2024

Energy recovery ventilators for multi-family living

Greenheck has added three new models to its line of high-performance residential energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that provide balanced ventilation and improve energy efficiency to ensure projects meet code and exceed indoor air quality expectations. ASSURE-140SC is a cost-effective, cold weather-certified ERV with a 30-160 cfm operational range available in hardwired and mirrored configurations. SYNC-110SEA now features precision balancing to dial in precise airflow when paired with the PrecisionSYNC™ Controller and is available in hardwired and mirrored configurations. The most compact ERV offering at 9.75” in height, the SYNC-110SEA is ideal for installations with limited space like bulkheads and drop ceilings. SYNC-180TCE, a top port ERV featuring a 75-200 cfm operational range, offers precision balancing when paired with the PrecisionSYNC™ Controller and 77% Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE). All Greenheck SYNC and ASSURE ERV models include a Total Recovery Core that transfers heat and moisture between two crossflow airstreams without allowing cross-contamination. When used for balanced mechanical ventilation in humid environments, the unit helps to reduce air conditioning (AC) energy costs.

Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps July 2, 2024

UnipipeHP Aluminum Piping System

Unipipe Solutions highlights the UnipipeHP Aluminum Piping System for High Pressure Compressed Air Applications. The UnipipeHP is an advanced aluminum piping system specifically engineered for the highest-pressure applications. Featuring a robust design and superior performance, the UnipipeHP system is rated for up to 1015 PSI (70 BAR).

Power Generation June 26, 2024

Containerized, stackable generator set

Centum Force is a fully-integrated containerized, stackable, all-in-one generator set. Designed to provide turn-key power solutions for critical commercial sites. This product is a response to the power needs of our partners across multiple segments including data centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants, temporary power, rental applications and more.

Cummins, Inc.
HVAC/R and Mechanical June 26, 2024

Ceiling exhaust fan line with two additional models

Greenheck has expanded its MultiSPEC SP-LP ceiling exhaust fan line with two new high-performance models. Model SP-LP0511H features an integrated humidity sensor that helps control moisture to prevent mold and mildew with 50/80/110 cfm speed selections. Model SP-LP0810W features two-speed operation for whole-house continuous ventilation (30-100 cfm range) to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements.

Industrial PCs June 15, 2024


Designed for use in the smallest of spaces, ICP Germany is launching the NRU-154PoE and the NRU-156U3, two embedded systems with a flattop cooling design. The cooling design enables use in particularly confined spaces, such as in mobile vehicles. Thanks to the special design, the heat of the embedded system is dissipated to the vehicle housing.

ICP Deutschland GmbH
Electrical, Power June 6, 2024

Cloud-connected UPS for power management applications

Providing simple, cost-effective battery backup and surge protection, the Eaton Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS is a compact, low-maintenance solution equipped with cloud-enabled remote monitoring to simplify power management for applications such as retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, casino gaming machines, banking ATMs and many more. The Eaton cloud-connected UPS leveraged integrated cloud-based monitoring - available at no cost for up to 10 years - to enable customers to manage, control and monitor either a single UPS or an entire fleet. With Eaton's Brightlayer remote monitoring dashboard, users can monitor UPS status and battery levels in real time via mobile app or web browser, saving them the time, hassle and expense of frequent on-site visits. Key additional features of the Eaton Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS include: Point-and-click commissioning. Easy status monitoring. Compact housing with versatile mounting options. Reliable, low-maintenance battery backup.

Fire and Life Safety June 5, 2024

Fire protection fluid to suppress clean agents

Fike Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of fire protection systems, has partnered with The Standard Fluids Corporation to add Fike SF 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to its ever-evolving selection of fire suppressing clean agents. Fike SF 1230 shares the same chemical compound as 3M Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12), the popular fire protection fluid that will be discontinued in 2025. Since 3M’s announcement of its cancellation in 2022, users of Novec 1230 have been forced to find a suitable replacement, such as FK-5-1-12 but without 3M’s comprehensive validation process of its origins. “Fike SF 1230 fills the void left by Novec 1230 by offering the same chemical with the same level of quality and purity standards set and accepted for over 20 years,” said Amos Leap, Fike Fire Suppression Product Manager. While the chemical compound of Fike SF 1230 is the same as FK-5-1-12, one of the biggest advantages of Fike’s new agent is the transparency of the contents of each bottle and its testing and validation process. The Fike SF 1230 system uses the Fike Impulse Valve, a patented technology which includes a Fike Axius rupture disc to provide unimpeded agent flow out of the valve and supports longer pipe runs, small pipe diameters and greater design flexibility. Fike SF 1230 represents Fike’s continued efforts of providing a variety of environmentally friendly fire suppression solutions to meet the unique demands of nearly any application in any industry.

Power Generation June 3, 2024

Gas generator sets offering hydrogen blending

Available at global Cat dealers for 50 or 60 Hz applications, the 12- and 16-cylinder versions of Cat CG260 gas generator sets are approved to operate on gas containing up to 25% hydrogen by volume. The CG260 provides up to 4.5 MW of electric power for continuous, prime and load management requirements. Additionally, Caterpillar offers retrofit kits to update CG260 generator sets already installed with these same hydrogen capabilities.  .