Smart Buildings

Making buildings smarter is a complex, but worthwhile, endeavor for consulting-specifying engineers and it requires knowledge of many different aspects. Featured articles include selecting a building automation system, integrating building systems through controls and identifying the cost and scope of a BAS.

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Fire & Life Safety

Fire & Life Safety is a crucial aspect and a constant presence in the consulting-specifying engineer’s day-to-day operations. Learn more in this eBook from Consulting-Specifying Engineer. Featured articles in this eBook include NFPA 13-2019 revision, hybrid design approaches and designing smoke control systems.

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HVAC systems touch nearly every aspect of a building and the consulting-specifying engineer. They have a great deal of influence and, thus, require a great deal of time and attention to ensure they run properly. Featured articles include stories about hot water heating boilers, pandemic control in buildings and air- versus water-cooled chilled plants.

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Data Centers

Data centers are some of the most complex buildings in which engineers must design power, cooling and fire/life safety systems. Featured articles include modular electric rooms, high-tech data centers and knowing when to choose busways.

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Electrical & Power

Electrical and power generation are at the heart of many projects for specifying engineers. Knowing the standards behind them is key to success. This helpful eBook from Consulting-Specifying Engineer will provide information about electrical and power from a variety of viewpoints. Featured articles include motor circuit protection, calculating motor OCPD and commercial building wiring methods.

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Lighting & Lighting Controls

Lighting and lighting controls might seem simple, but for the consulting-specifying engineer, there is more to them than meets the eye. Successful implementation requires a great deal of knowledge about their energy properties, but also how they fit with the many codes and standards required from different buildings. Featured articles include integrating a BAS, NEC […]

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Plumbing, Piping & Pumps

Mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineers need to keep plumbing, piping and pumping systems in mind when designing buildings. Their impact runs deep and serves as the lifeblood for how well a building’s mechanical and fire systems operate. Featured articles in this eBook from Consulting-Specifying Engineer include improving chiller performance, selecting a commercial water heater and understanding fire pumps.


MEP Giants 2020

Consulting-Specifying Engineer and Eaton announce the top mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) firms who provide services to the consulting engineer in a variety of ways. Highlights include the top 100 firms based on MEP design revenue, a look at overall revenue and a look at the industry’s future in the age of COVID-19.

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Data Center Design

Data centers, data closets, edge and cloud computing, co-location facilities, and similar topics are among the fastest-changing in the industry. Data centers have high-level power demands, customized climate and cooling needs, unique enclosure systems-and all of this must operate without interruption.

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IIoT: Machines, Equipment & Asset Management

Articles in this digital report highlight technologies that enable Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT-related products and strategies. These include easier real-time sensor data access via tablets, PC-based control, data analytics, smarter machines, cybersecurity, how to get data more easily from maintenance software, human machine interfaces and controllers, along with easier industrial connectivity.

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