Commissioning is the process of testing a mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire protection system to ensure it functions as designed. Commissioning can occur on both new and existing buildings and comes in many different forms. Featured articles include translating Baby Boomer language for younger generations, commissioning emergency power systems, lighting commissioning guidelines and standards and […]


Lighting & Lighting Controls

Lighting and lighting controls might seem simple, but for the consulting-specifying engineer, there is more to them than meets the eye. Successful implementation requires a great deal of knowledge about their energy properties, but also how they fit with the many codes and standards required from different buildings. Featured articles include connected systems create a […]

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Electrical & Power

Electrical and power generation are at the heart of many projects for specifying engineers. Knowing the standards behind them is key to success. This helpful eBook from Consulting-Specifying Engineer will provide information on using generator technology for reliable and sustainable energy, back to basics: electric vehicle charging and renewable energy, and so much more in this […]

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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special codes and designs to keep operations running smoothly at all times because of the delicate work being performed inside these facilities. Featured articles in this eBook include how automation is being used for health care buildings, how AI can improve building automation system implementation, how new fire alarm system […]


EV Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity and the components and technology powering the battery are becoming more sophisticated and efficient. Featured articles in this eBook include what are electric vehicle service equipment design considerations, how do microgrids relate to the National Electrical Code, how cobalt-free batteries could power EV cars and so much more […]

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Plumbing, Piping & Pumps

Mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineers need to keep plumbing, piping and pumping systems in mind when designing buildings. Their impact runs deep and serves as the lifeblood for how well a building’s mechanical and fire systems operate. Featured content in this eBook include innovative, sustainable HVAC systems shown at AHR Expo, decentralized DHW offer safer, more […]

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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety

Arc flash and electrical safety are critical aspects in a manufacturing facility. Knowing and understanding the fundamentals often mean the difference between life and death. Companies and workers need to stay on top of the electrical codes so they can better protect themselves from a potential accident. Featured articles in this eBook include when and […]

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Data Centers

Data centers are some of the most complex buildings in which engineers must design power, cooling and fire/life safety systems. Featured articles include two-phase hybrid system developed to efficiently cool data centers, relationships between HVAC efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE): Partial loads, how AI can improve building automation system implementation and so much more!

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Educational Facilities

When it comes to designing educational facilities, consulting engineers face many challenges they wouldn’t encounter in a normal project. They are often time-sensitive as well as having to deal with many different codes and standards. Featured articles in this eBook include trends and information to know to design better college and university buildings, applying artificial […]



HVAC systems touch nearly every aspect of a building and the consulting-specifying engineer. They have a great deal of influence and, thus, require a great deal of time and attention to ensure they run properly. Featured articles innovative, sustainable HVAC systems shown at AHR Expo and why decarbonization, ESG initiatives are a bigger priority for […]

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