Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency September 13, 2022

Remote operations center delivers energy savings

Facilities and energy management can be a reactive line of work. Maintenance teams are often chasing after hot/cold calls, control overrides, or utility bill increases and asked to manage more area with fewer staff.

By Bernhard
Energy Efficiency September 12, 2022

Smart energy for smart buildings

By using kinetic, solar or thermal energy for switches, energy can be saved in buildings

By Raoul Wijgergangs
Energy Efficiency September 1, 2022

Converting commitments into canceling carbon

With building operations, materials, and construction contributing almost 40% of global annual CO2 emissions, we who create the built environment are at the heart of taming the emissions of its legacy and future.

By Erin McConahey
Energy Efficiency August 29, 2022

Stanford University achieves renewable energy milestone

The new solar station brings the university to 100% renewable electricity.

By Affiliated Engineers
Energy Efficiency August 22, 2022

AISC launches Arup-authored design guide for hybrid steel-timber, a flexible and low embodied-carbon option

Arup has authored the first-ever set of U.S. recommendations for hybrid steel frames with mass timber floors.

By Ozgur Gungor
Energy Efficiency August 16, 2022

Manufacturing and industrial building energy efficiency trends

Several new and retrofit manufacturing building projects show trends in speed to market and energy efficiency

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Accenture 66th Floor main reception. Source: Eric Laignel Photography
Energy Efficiency August 15, 2022

Project profile: Accenture Headquarters

Accenture envisioned building a dynamic office space in NYC that reflects the company's core values, which include a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

By Syska Hennessy
Energy Efficiency August 4, 2022

Sustainability – ways MEP engineering can help make older buildings become more efficient

Key strategies that can help make older buildings become more sustainable while also preserving the character and design of the structure.

By Peter Basso Associates
Energy Efficiency August 1, 2022

How energy efficiency programs, codes evolve

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy use in commercial buildings are instrumental

By Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, Oak Park, Illinois
Energy Efficiency July 26, 2022

The basics of transformers, UPS and switchgear

On continual basis, it is imperative for engineers to learn about vital electrical equipment like transformers, switchgear and UPS systems when performing design, installation or maintenance activities

By Taiwo Atoki, PE, LEED AP