2022 40 Under 40: Neil Steiner, PE, DBIA, LEED AP, 36

Managing Director, Energy Engineer, Glumac; BS, Architectural Engineering, University of Kansas

By Amara Rozgus, Chris Vavra, and Christina Miller May 16, 2022

Steiner’s love for engineering began at a young age tinkering in his grandfather’s workshop. That problem-solving curiosity meshed with his affinity for the outdoors during his college years. At that time, it became apparent to him the built environment and the natural environment were not aligned, as evidenced by the impact that buildings’ carbon emissions have on climate change. Steiner then began his quest to reverse the course, as witnessed by his lead participation in the campus biodiesel production facility and iconic campus rain garden. Furthering his mission to create more sustainable buildings that contribute to the well-being of humanity, he moved to California to be at the forefront of the sustainable revolution. As a practitioner, Steiner regularly facilitates tangible examples of net zero energy building design that incorporate both electrification and decarbonization strategies, including the first Living Building in the state of California (also the first LEED Double Platinum project). Understanding that it is his responsibility to share this knowledge with others, Steiner regularly presents to diverse audiences spanning international conferences, local organizations, industry publications and university coursework. He was recently awarded the “Excellence in Energy Innovation to achieve Zero Net Energy” by the Association of Energy Engineers and his project work consistently receives accolades and recognition from industry leading organizations such as USGBC, DBIA and CMAA. Outside of work, Steiner enjoys a variety of outdoor activities with his family including backpacking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and golf. He strives to instill the respect for the natural environment in his young children.