2022 40 Under 40: Diane Borys, LC, CID, WELL AP, LEED AP, EIT, CEPE, IALD, 37

Founding Principal, Architectural Lighting Designer, Noctiluca Lighting LLC; BS, Architectural Engineering, University of Kansas

By Amara Rozgus, Chris Vavra, and Christina Miller May 16, 2022

Borys is an award-winning architectural lighting designer in the consulting design and engineering industry, with more than 15 years of experience. Borys has a background in architectural engineering and interior design and has dedicated her career to lighting. This gives Borys an extensive knowledge of all building systems, materials, design trends and codes. Her project experience includes exterior and interior lighting and daylighting design for commercial, hospitality, education, sacred, multifamily mixed-use and landscape lighting. She is passionate about integrating the balance of art, science and technology of lighting with architecture and materials to enhance the built environment experience. Through her lighting design process, Borys works hard to help create more coordinated, constructible, cost effective and beautiful projects. Growing up in Australia and with a wanderlust for travel, Borys also applies her keen eye for detail and worldly experiences into her work. Most of all, she enjoys the client and human interaction of consulting. She welcomes opportunities to collaborate in a creative atmosphere and enjoys helping educate owners, clients and designers about the true value lighting can bring. Before starting her own business, Borys worked as the director of lighting design at a leading electrical engineering firm in San Diego. Outside of work, Borys enjoys rowing and has participated in half-Ironman races. Above all, Borys focuses on her family and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.