2022 40 Under 40: Pallavi Mantha, LEED AP, WELL AP, 37

Associate, Arup; MS, Sustainable Design, Carnegie Mellon University

By Amara Rozgus, Chris Vavra, and Christina Miller May 16, 2022

Consistent with her love of nature, Mantha works to implement innovative sustainability planning and design approaches into a variety of projects, from large and small buildings to major infrastructure. More recently, she is helping clients look at sustainability across their entire portfolio of buildings. She is a leader in New York’s decarbonization projects, which allows her to combine her deep knowledge of buildings and their portfolios with digital workflows and tools to create greater value for her clients. Mantha is passionate about applying the best in digital technology to increase collaboration and create solutions that support a more sustainable future. Much of Mantha’s work sits at the nexus of digital and sustainability, working to incorporate smart, innovative and intuitive digital solutions for projects to help clients make data-driven decisions. For example, she has worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council on establishing a net-zero energy plan for its NYC headquarters. Mantha also is a supervisor and mentor to several staff members and encourages her team members to rise beyond their initial skillsets and explore new opportunities. She is involved with multiple codes and standards groups and has co-written or presented at several industry conferences. Mantha also has worked with the NYC Housing Authority —the largest public housing authority in North America —across several projects, from gauging “shelter in place” opportunities for elderly residents during extreme heat waves to assisting with their overarching sustainability agenda. Mantha loves hiking when not working and is sharing this activity — as well as cooking — with her young child.