2021 40 Under 40 Winners

The 2021 40 Under 40 award winners are models of achievement

Without skipping a beat, this group of 40 Under 40 winners has proven to be professionally resourceful and clever while retaining their personal passions and family balance. Camping, sports, mountain biking, travel and a host of other activities round out the 2021 40 Under 40 winners as they continue to donate their time, energy and expertise to the building engineering community. Competitive in their careers, these winners have pushed until they’ve achieved success at the workplace, and in meeting clients’ needs. Their goals are lofty, and their accomplishments are remarkable. No two winners are alike; each has his or her area of emphasis and motivation. This set of winners doesn’t fail to impress.



Kyle Adams

Paul Bauch

Kristen Butts

Clarence Carson

Matt Chandler

Tommy Chiu

Joseph Dussault

Jonathan Eveleth

Jesse Fisher

Michael Flemming

Brett Friedman

Amir H. Gandomi

Supriya Goel

April Guymon

Jeremy Hoefer

Nick Holway

Sean Hu

Chris Jackson

Jennifer Jewers Bowlin

Jon Lee

Amy Leitch

Brandon Macha

Kyle MacKenzie

Anthony Moore

Doug Nelsen

Pearl Odu

Timothy Paap

Kim Pierson

Frank Rudilosso

Justin Shultz

Matthew Steinmetz

Michael Streich

Greg Swiss

Joe Thornam

Brian Turner

Andrew Varilone

Jesse Vernon

Jason Volz

Matthew Wade

Phil Watson


Gary Cohen, Senior Editor; Chris Vavra, Web Content Manager; Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief