2021 40 Under 40: Supriya Goel, 36

Senior Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Lab; MS, Built Environment, Arizona State University

By Gary Cohen, Chris Vavra and Amara Rozgus May 17, 2021

Success hasn’t always been easy for Goel, who has dealt with several financial challenges and cultural obstacles in pursuit of her dream. Despite the challenges, she has stayed optimistic and has pushed herself to achieve her goals. Her experiences motivated her to serve as a mentor to younger engineers facing similar hardships as they become professionals. She was successful in securing scholarships and research assistantships throughout her education and was rewarded with a letter of commendation at graduation that recognized her performance and contributions as a research assistant. At PNNL, she has focused on developing tools and resources to advance residential and commercial building energy codes. She currently leads multiple teams within PNNL and is leading the development of the Total System Performance Ratio tool and analysis process. This approach has been adopted by Washington state into its 2018 energy code and currently is being considered as a new performance pathway within ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Goel also is leading a project to develop a streamlined energy modeling methodology for simple buildings, with guidance from a diverse stakeholder group of software developers, energy modelers and code officials. She is the chair of ASHRAE 229P, which is defining a methodology for evaluating the implementation of rulesets in energy simulation tools. She is the proud mother of a 1-year-old boy and enjoys her life in San Francisco with her husband and dog, Simba. She enjoys being outdoors and running half-marathons. She also likes traveling and learning about different cultures and traditions. Her friends would describe her as a happy, fun-loving individual, always ready for some fun and late-night karaoke.