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Business of Engineering June 7, 2019

Weekly merger, acquisition, deal update: June 7

This week Morrissey Goodale reported thirteen deals in the U.S. and four international deals involving companies from the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, and Canada.

By Morrissey Goodale
Hospitals June 7, 2019

What are micro-hospitals – and what benefits do they offer?

Not every community has a large hospital, and not every community needs one.

By RTM Associates
Labs, Research June 7, 2019

Five Big Ideas from the 2019 Laboratory Design Conference

Here are the five big ideas from the conference that stood out.

By Danielle Larrabee
Electrical June 6, 2019

Branch circuit monitor

Both lines can monitor up to 48 circuits and simultaneously monitor multiple systems with two independent voltage inputs.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Educational June 6, 2019

Learning environment trends: Key takeaways from A4LE regional conferences

A common theme among education conferences is an exploration into what we can do as design partners, facility managers, district leaders, educators, etc. to continuously improve the learning experience for students.

By Doug Everhart
Business of Engineering June 5, 2019

The evolution of construction safety

Not even 100 years ago, there was an alarming acceptance that people would almost certainly die on large and risky projects.

By Henry Nutt
Sustainability June 5, 2019

Carbon footprint reduced by 68%, potable water use by over 125 million gallons/year

Designed for a peak load of 28,000 tons of cooling and 350 mmbtu/hr heating, the new systems replace a fossil fuel CHP plant with electric drive heat recovery chillers.

By Affiliated Engineers