Educational January 20, 2022

MEP designers engage students in immersive campus tour

Eat Carolina University provides an interactive tour of their latest building addition.

By Affiliated Engineers
Educational January 10, 2022

Design through the lenses of mental health & trauma: Reimagining the lecture hall experience

The first in a series of reimagining spaces through the experiences of those living with a mental health condition or diagnosis, traumatic experiences and other obstacles.

By CannonDesign
Educational December 15, 2021

Effective space utilization in 21st century learning facilities

Now, more than ever, schools are looking at their spaces differently

By Sheri Offenhauser
Courtesy: Tom Kessler, LEO A DALY
Educational November 3, 2021

COVID, sustainability drive college building design

Colleges and universities have been sustainability trendsetters over the past several years. COVID-19 has required designers to think differently

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Educational October 21, 2021

Where engineers, students cross paths

School buildings have changed quite a bit over the past several months, and engineers are tasked with designing for these fluxes

By Amara Rozgus
Courtesy: Henderson Engineers
Educational October 18, 2021

Is your building back-to-school ready?

In this panel, experts discuss specific strategies relating to building systems that can promote health and wellness in learning environments.

By Julie Pierce, Doug Everhart, Julie LeClair, Jon Jensen, Simon Ubhi
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Educational October 13, 2021

Designing ‘smart’ security for smart devices

University of Missouri researchers received a grant from the National Security Agency to explore the need for "smart" approaches to security.

By University of Missouri
school building
Educational September 24, 2021

School transformation highlights creative solutions

CMAA Honors Pre-K Center Project on Staten Island

By Gannett Fleming
Educational September 8, 2021

Lighting: How codes and guidelines affect lighting design

Before starting any lighting design specifications, several resources must be considered, which will be presented at this session. Engineers also should seek third-party objective sources for information on and comparison of directionality, efficacy and other properties.

By CFE Media
Courtesy: CFE Media
Educational August 3, 2021

Building Readiness: Reopening educational institutions

There are many educational administrators who are committed to reopening but are uncertain about the best, most cost-effective path to welcoming staff and students back safely.

By Salas O'Brien