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Lighting and Lighting Controls December 1, 2023

Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed lighting articles in 2023

Read the best articles about UV lights, lighting control design, lighting budget and more.

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Power Generation December 1, 2023

Your questions answered: Power generation and the critical role biogas plays in the energy landscape

In this webcast, attendees learned about biogas as a main or backup fuel, biogas distributed generation characteristics and resiliency and renewable distributed generation.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical November 24, 2023

Your questions answered: Indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality

IAQ and IEQ are a focus for mechanical engineers specifying or retrofitting HVAC systems

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Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps November 22, 2023

Your questions answered: The future of single-phase variable speed heat pumps

During the September 13 webcast, attendees were walked through an overview of mini VRF heat pump technology.

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Money-related issues rose to the top of the list of challenges that affect the future of electrical and power systems. Courtesy: Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Research November 21, 2023

How engineers expect tech to change, proven systems to remain

Research report confirms power generation, EV charging stations to grow while traditional electrical system technologies remain ubiquitous

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This Consulting-Specifying Engineer webcast discusses fire and life safety integrated systems testing. Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Fire and Life Safety November 17, 2023

Your questions answered: Integrating fire and life safety system testing

Fire and life safety system testing is defined by several codes and standards

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Power Generation November 13, 2023

Your questions answered: Generator set-based paralleling

This webcast provided a comprehensive overview of a typical paralleling emergency power system and dove into the fundamental key features needed to parallel generator sets. Check out the additional questions on genset-based paralleling.

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Energy Efficiency November 10, 2023

Your questions answered: Reducing genset emissions with HVO

HVOs help use today's technology to reduce emissions both onsite as well as throughout the full carbon cycle. This CSE webcast discussed both the performance and environmental impact of a generator set fueled by HVO.

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Building Envelope November 9, 2023

Your questions answered: Acoustic design for occupant well-being, health and productivity

During the September 9 webcast, attendees were introduced to inspiring case studies demonstrating the successful integration of sound masking solutions in real–life projects.

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Fire and Life Safety November 7, 2023

Video: Using NFPA 285 for fire performance tests of exterior wall assemblies

Why fire protection engineers should be paying special attention to exterior walls, specifically exterior walls of tall buildings

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