Definite purpose contactor series

The GDP series of definite purpose contactors are available in 1-pole, 1-pole with shunt, or 2-pole, and 3-pole configurations and are designed for HVAC or lighting applications.

By Carlo Gavazzi October 8, 2014

Carlo Gavazzi’s GDP series of definite purpose contactors are available in 1-pole, 1-pole with shunt, or 2-pole configurations with maximum ratings of 25, 32, or 40 amps. They are also offered in 3-pole configurations with maximum amperage ratings of up to 90 amps. Screw terminals are standard on 1-pole models and lug terminals are standard on 3-pole models. Multiple 0.25 in. fast-on terminals are standard on control and load terminals. The GDP series have an operating temperature up to 104 F with de-rated specifications up to 158 F. The GDP Series are designed for HVAC or lighting applications, but can also be used for other applications like pump control applications. The GDP series are UL recognized and RoHS compliant.

Carlo Gavazzi