Energy Efficiency

Courtesy: Tom Reich, DLR Group
Energy Efficiency September 17, 2021

Specifying systems to achieve outcome-based energy goals

The design of energy-efficient building systems requires a holistic, integrated design process, with early engagement, supported by three basic elements for success

By Roger Chang, DLR Group, Washington, D.C.
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Energy Management September 10, 2021

Meeting the reality of climate impact legislation

Climate impact legislation mandates benchmarking requirements, compliance deadlines, and significant fines and legal action potential

By Kimberly Ulishney
Courtesy: EMA
Energy Efficiency September 9, 2021

Energy benchmarking as a service

This webinar will show key differences between a company that benchmarks energy on a project basis and one that delivers it as a service

By Energy Management Association (EMA)
Courtesy: Glumac
Sustainability September 8, 2021

A closer look at how energy grids impact building sustainability

How energy grids impact building sustainability.

By Glumac
Courtesy: EMA
Energy Efficiency September 2, 2021

Improving energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency using FCAs, retro-cx and an energy road map

Participants will learn techniques and methods to help customers improve the efficiency and operating effectiveness of their systems.

By Energy Management Association (EMA)
Courtesy: Intel/Fortinet
Energy, Power September 1, 2021

Building a secure energy and power grid for the future

The power grid that keeps the world running has historically been stable and secure. With digital transformation and the rise of converging technologies, there are many ways to create a better power grid, but it comes with challenges.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Glumac
Sustainability September 1, 2021

Defining embodied carbon and the challenge of reducing it in buildings

Glumac Senior Sustainability Strategist Ante Vulin brings context to the subject of embodied carbon and helps us understand its role in meeting zero carbon goals.

By Glumac
Courtesy: Glumac
Energy Management September 1, 2021

Data driven design: Harnessing building analytics to deliver a low carbon future

Glumac energy engineer Gordon Stewart discusses how to leverage building performance analytics to help owners achieve carbon reduction goals.

By Glumac
Courtesy: Henderson
Energy Efficiency August 25, 2021

BIM automation: where efficiency and optimization converge

The efficiency achieved through BIM automation directly translates to time and cost savings

By Adam Roth
Courtesy: Glumac
Energy Efficiency August 25, 2021

Data driven design: Creating building energy visualizations with Power BI

Learn how Glumac's energy modeling team uses Power BI to generate energy dashboards that create real-time analytics for owners to visualize the performance of their buildings.

By Glumac