Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer content: June 7-13, 2024

Top CSE content this week covered topics including pressure-regulating devices for fire protection, generators in mission critical facilities and modern data center design

By Anna Steingruber June 14, 2024
Pilot-operated pressure-reducing valves for an automatic sprinkler system. Courtesy: Mobley Fire Protection Engineering LLC

1. 2024 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year winners announced

The best products of the past year as selected by Consulting-Specifying Engineer subscribers.

2. Learn to specify pressure-regulating devices in water-based fire protection

Pressure-regulating devices are required to maintain safe system working pressures

3. Know specific, unique applications of generators in mission critical facilities

Electrical engineers should consider many factors when selecting generators and generator systems for mission critical facilities

4. Trends and challenges unique to modern data center design

In this Roundtable, experts answer common questions about the challenges and considerations of designing data centers in our highly connected world

5. Lighting control for luxury hospitality: A guide for electrical engineers

Sophisticated lighting controls and connected analytics can enhance guest experiences at luxury hospitality venues

Author Bio: Associate editor, CFE Media and Technology