Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles, April 18-24: LED codes and standards, equipment selection, Product of the Year, more

Articles about LED codes and standards, aspects to consider in equipment selection, the 2016 Product of the Year awards, following coordination best practices, and energy savings in electrical distribution systems were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from April 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Emily Guenther April 25, 2016

Consulting-Specifying Engineer Top 5 most read articles online, for Apr. 18-24, covered LED codes and standards, aspects to consider in equipment selection, the 2016 Product of the Year awards, following coordination best practices, and energy savings in electrical distribution systems. Links to each article below.

1. LED codes and standards

Clients are asking lighting designers to help them save on energy costs, and replacing fluorescent, HID, or other lights with LEDs is in high demand.

2. 14 Aspects to consider in equipment selection

Mechanical engineering is a science relatively unchanged over the past 50 years. Conversely, equipment selection for a mechanical engineer is as much an art of application as a science of technology. 

3. 2016 Product of the Year Finalists: Vote for this year’s best products

Who will win gold in 2016? Consulting-Specifying Engineer announces the finalists for the 12th annual Product of the Year competition, and readers will have the final word. Cast your votes online here.

4. Following selective coordination best practices

Regardless of how robust an electrical system may be, electrical faults happen. It’s in the interest of everyone that the fault affects only a limited area of the electrical system, especially where life safety is concerned. That is why NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) requires selective coordination of protective devices, such as circuit breakers and fuses, in emergency systems.

5. Energy savings in electrical distribution systems

Engineers and building owners often focus on payback periods and return on investment as economic decision-making thresholds for energy efficiency investments.

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Emily Guenther, associate content manager, CFE Media,

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