NECA Publishes New CCTV, Fiber-Optic Lighting Standards

By Staff December 1, 2005

The National Electrical Contractors Assn. (NECA) has announced publication of two additions to its National Electrical Installation Standards .

NECA 303-2005, ” Standard for Installing Closed-Circuit Television ,” describes installation procedures for video-surveillance cameras used in a wide range of security applications, including shopping malls, parking garages and prisons. Among other requirements, the standard outlines procedures for working with possible site constraints, such as lighting, and how equipment may tie into other building systems, such as alarms.

NECA 503-2005, ” Standard for Installing Fiber Optic Lighting Systems ,” details installation procedures for fiber-optic lighting systems. These systems use hair-thin strands of optically pure glass to distribute light throughout a building from a central source.