2024 40 Under 40: Jeffrey Engelstad, PE, 36

Director of Engineering Services, Encore Electric Inc.; MBA, University of Denver

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer May 13, 2024

Engelstad is a dedicated and accomplished engineering professional with a passion for impactful projects. As Director of Engineering Services at Encore Electric, Engelstad oversees all engineering and life safety aspects, emphasizing projects with purpose and impact. Before his tenure at Encore Electric, Engelstad demonstrated leadership and adaptability while working for the United States General Services Administration. Following an unexpected transition, he managed electrical engineering responsibilities for a significant six-state region, handling numerous federal projects. At Encore Electric, Engelstad has spearheaded critical innovations in electrical safety protocols, enhancing construction worker welfare and future building occupants’ safety. In one case, he used his expertise to redevelop the energized electrical process and Encore’s entire electrical safety policy and procedures to include zero voltage verification as well as the entire process for systems energization. Engelstad also is dedicated to professional development and ongoing learning. He engages in educational outreach, presenting critical information on code changes, electrical safety and microgrid technology at conferences and seminars. He also works to improve design-build standards and requirements, the quality and accuracy of coordination and engineering studies and continuing education courses to support professional electrician licenses for more than 800 electricians in five states. Engelstad’s expertise extends beyond traditional engineering roles; he actively contributes to industry organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Automatic Fire Alarm Association and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. He champions safety standards and advocates for industrywide training initiatives. Engelstad is engaged in community service and volunteers with outdoor organizations and educational initiatives. He is passionate about passing on his love for the outdoors to his son and ensuring accessibility to natural spaces for future generations.