Original air date January 23, 2024

Meeting Isolation Requirements for Inverter-Based Standby Power Applications


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) and other inverter-based sources are becoming more and more common every single day for economical, policy and environmental reasons. Having stored energy or the ability to produce your own power often creates the perception that it is easy to use these sources for standby and backup applications however it is not as simple as it seems.
Having the ability to leverage these sources requires the proper architecture for your electrical system and adequate isolation from other sources to allow inverters to switch between a grid tie and grid following modes.

Join us and to discover how the latest solution provides the automated logic and switching necessary to allowing the full leverage the inverters capability for resiliency and how the new UL 3008 standard is ensuring this is done with the same level of robustness as UL 1008 does for transfer switches and generators.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the major changes that electrical systems are undergoing
  • Learn market drivers for massive BESS and inverter adoption and why isolation is required for BESS resilience
  • Recognize the difference between source isolation versus load transfer
  • Understand the new UL 3008 listing for Isolation Switches
  • Explore applications, use cases and sequences of isolation switches

Presented By:
Victor Bonachea, Director of Product Strategy, ASCO Power Technologies
Robert Benavidez, Sales Executive, ASCO Power Technologies

Moderated By:
Tyler Wall, Associate Editor, CFE Media and Technology

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