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Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Career Smart July 27, 2022

Why your next new hire should be an intern

If you don’t already, invite a high school or college student to shadow you for a day

By Amara Rozgus
Career Smart July 27, 2022

Taking ownership of your career

When beginning your career journey, it's important to learn, absorb, engage and grow to find success and thrive. Four tips are highlighted.

By Dewberry
Courtesy: CannonDesign
Career Smart May 5, 2021

Women in healthcare design are making an impact

Abbie Clary, director of CannonDesign's global health practice, discusses the future of healthcare design, what it takes for women to lead in male-dominated industries and more. See video.

By CannonDesign
Career Smart April 16, 2021

How remote working helps people share knowledge, experiences

Working remotely is forcing people to collaborate and coming up with more innovation solutions in new ways, which can inspire and build confidence in a team.

By Jean Huang
Career Smart February 23, 2021

Teambuilding strategies to optimize talent

Building the foundation for a strong team requires a clear vision and recognizing the unique talents and skills each worker brings and optimizing them for the entire team.

By Lisa Roger
Career Smart June 12, 2020

Learn from one another whenever possible

Engineers, regardless of their skill or experience, can always learn something new and should strive to gain knowledge from all corners to be a better employee and mentor/mentee.

By Sid Pandey
Career Smart April 13, 2020

Why women are creating new paths in the construction industry

Women are paving new roads in and beyond the construction industry, and are helping change leadership and inspiration

By Wendy Montgomery
Career Smart April 6, 2020

Career advice for aspiring engineers

Southland Industries engineers provide insight and career advice on what it means to be an engineer

By Andy Reed
Career Smart March 25, 2020

Why engineers should get involved

Whether it is with a professional organization, within your community or in the workplace, getting involved can open many doors for young professionals

By Daniel Hyla
Career Smart January 10, 2020

How my study abroad experience has helped me in the workforce

When I found out about the opportunity to join around 40 other students on a trip across Europe to study architecture from the other side of the world, I figured I would give it a shot.

By John White