Case Studies

Case Study June 6, 2023

Case study: Combined compartmentalization strategies

A research lab fire and life safety design team determined the use of sprinklers would be used where possible

By Jack DeVine
Case Study May 9, 2023

Case study: Designing a lighting control matrix

In this office building, control intent and sequence of operations for a lighting control system were created

By Brandon Stanley
Case Study April 4, 2023

Case study: Arc energy protection schemes

Different arc energy reduction methods used on a standardized simple electrical system

By William McGugan
Courtesy: Dewberry
Case Study February 3, 2023

Case study: Upgrading storage to meet NFPA 99 requirements

A hospital facility reached out to provide a study of two locations within a hospital facility where medical gases were being stored

By Nick Walters and Hailey Stewart-Hofer
Case Study September 29, 2022

Case study: Selecting electrical systems for water, wastewater plants

In these two examples, electrical systems are compared for a water pumping station and a wastewater treatment plant

By William McGugan and Tyler Roschen
Case Study September 23, 2022

Case study: Specifying condensing boilers

A surgical center optimized efficiency with condensing boilers

By Paulina Diaz
Case Study September 21, 2022

Case study: Smart buildings

Two case studies highlight the aspect of smart buildings

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Case Study September 16, 2022

Case study: Cost comparison of power feeder installations

Experienced designers and contractors will choose power distribution feeders to meet the specific needs of a project

By Timothy Paap