Case Studies

LEO A DALY provided full architectural and engineering services for OrthoNebraska’s new 31,707-gross-square-foot orthopedic clinic and physical therapy clinic in Elkhorn, Nebraska.
Case Study January 18, 2022

Case study: Health care building lighting controls design

A lighting sequence of operations met energy codes in this medical building

By Tony Staub
Courtesy: Jordan & Skala Engineers
Case Study November 11, 2021

Case study: Office building has daylighting, energy-efficient lighting

The PGA Tour Global Home was designed with a cohesive lighting design strategy in mind

By Tim Milam and Ross Bush
Courtesy: Smith Seckman Reid
Case Study October 29, 2021

Case study: Duct-mounted UV system

A duct-mounted UV system experiment showed bacteria was killed

By Rick Wood, Jennifer Marsh and Craig Barbee
Table 1: The UV-C light schedule provides the information needed to specify the ultraviolet lights used for the project. Courtesy: Certus Consulting Engineers
Case Study October 21, 2021

Case study: Hospital HVAC retrofit

Air handling units were retrofitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to mitigate the coronavirus in a hospital

By Roger Koppenheffer and Caleb Marvin
Courtesy: Tom Reich, DLR Group
Case Study September 20, 2021

Case study: High schools achieves sustainability

This Phoenix high school achieved several sustainability goals

By Roger Chang, DLR Group, Washington, D.C.
Figure 2: Building energy end use breakdown according to the U.S EIA, 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey. Courtesy: U.S. Energy Information Administration
Case Study July 14, 2021

Case study: Laboratory opts for electrification

New laboratory building is fully electrified to help achieve energy efficiency

By David Conant Gilles and Megan Gunther
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Case Study July 13, 2021

Case study: Office chiller and cooling plant controls replacement

Chillers, pumps, and plant controls were replaced at a high-rise commercial office building in downtown Chicago

By Daniel McJacobson, PE, LEED AP, BCxP
Courtesy: DLR Group
Case Study May 28, 2021

Case study: K-8 school upgrades power generation

At a K-8 school in the U.S. Virgin Islands, photovoltaics and battery storage will help modernize the space

By Sean Avery, PE, LEED AP; Rodney Oathout, PE, CEM, LEED AP
Courtesy: CDM Smith
Case Study May 24, 2021

Case study: Standby power installations

How two standby power systems weathered a hurricane in 2004

By Paul Pouliot and Michael T. Alford
Courtesy: Dewberry
Case Study April 30, 2021

Case study: Wireless lighting system achieves energy efficiency

California office building retrofit goes totally wireless

By Michael McTavish