Energy Management December 3, 2019

Video: Energy Procurement: Next Level Practices for Todays Energy Management Professional

Details are provided on the process of creating use case scenarios through to a thorough sequence of operations.

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Energy Management November 19, 2019

Video: Energy Savings Opportunities on Compressed Air Systems

This presentation provides an overview of how taking a fieldtested approach and applying best practices can improve a system, providing energy savings and leading to better energy management.

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Commissioning November 12, 2019

Video: Commissioning of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium: Massive Project…Details Matter

This presentation demonstrates how commissioning activities were incorporated as early as possible into the construction schedule, reveals how Cx data was tracked to resolution, and highlights Cx activities for the stadium’s remarkable 1.2 million gallon rainwater retention and re-use system.

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Commissioning November 5, 2019

Video: Evolution and Benefits of a District Wide Commissioning Program

Orange County Public Schools is the ninth largest in the U.S. In 2009, OCPS initiated a commissioning program for new schools and major school additions limited to HVAC systems, construction and acceptance (testing) phase Cx services.

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Automation, Controls October 29, 2019

Video: FDD Software to Support Monitoring-based Commissioning & Building Optimization

This session explores how advanced energy and building analytics software unlocks the power of BAS data to enable monitoring-based commissioning, giving owners and energy managers the insights to improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and equipment longevity.

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Fire, Life Safety October 22, 2019

Video: How Will NFPA 4’s Integrated System Testing Affect Building Commissioning

This session will identify the types of buildings that require integrated system testing, and what model codes will require testing to be completed.

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Energy Efficiency October 15, 2019

Video: Implementation of a Strategic Campus Sustainability and Energy Plan

This presentation analyzes the implementation of the policy, covering issues including energy assessments, commissioning, and long-term goals like achieving carbon-neutrality.

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Energy Efficiency October 8, 2019

Video: Introduction to PACE: Funding for Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Projects

This session—which includes two case studies—will discuss how PACE works, what types of improvements qualify and how much funding is available.

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Automation, Controls October 1, 2019

Video: Leveraging Your BMS System to Identify Issues Before They are Issues

This presentation provides an overview of analytics and FDD. How they are implemented within BMS, how to use advanced analytics to predict facility issues, and how to use weather data to provide system control.

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Commissioning September 24, 2019

Video: Managing Commissioning in a 185-Facility Health Care Corporation

This presentation will focus on how HCA utilizes a Cx database to assist two commissioning agents with this workload.

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