Videos February 19, 2019

Video: Decommissioning: What You Need to Know in the Absence of Standards

This case study investigates the exterior and interior of a school, identifying risks and findings with over 10 hazardous material categories that will help engineers create a more ideal demolition.

By Cx Energy
Videos February 12, 2019

Video: Owner and Engineer’s Success with a Monitor Based Approach

This case study outlines how the monitoring system was set up and utilized throughout the process.

By Cx Energy
Videos February 5, 2019

Video: Incorporating Distributed Energy Generation Projects into Whole Building Commissioning

This presentation discusses how Owner's Project Requirements and commissioning plans can be expanded to incorporate Distributed Energy Systems.

By "Thomas D. Prevish, PhD, PE; Jon McLaren, CxA
Videos January 29, 2019

Video: How is Energy Resiliency Dependent Upon Commissioning?

This presentation will convey the importance and dependence of facility Cx/EBCx as a critical, if not the most important aspect, of energy resiliency.

By CxEnergy
Videos January 22, 2019

Video: A NFPA 70B & 70E Overview: Eliminate the Risk of Electrical Hazards & Avoid Expensive Shutdowns

This session focuses on the importance of electrical safety and maintenance programs, OSHA requirements and definitions for CFRs 1910.147 & 303 and 305, guidance of NFPA 70E and 70B standards on electrical safety and recommended practice for electrical equipment maintenance.

By Bhanu Srilla, Grace Engineered Products, Inc.
Videos January 15, 2019

Video: Case Study Using a Variable Flow Chiller in a Central Plant

This presentation will cover an overview of the system operation with three 1250 ton chillers and an overview of the bypass system and how to size bypass valves.

By Gaylon Richardson, TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.
Videos January 8, 2019

Video: Case Studies on the Effective Use of Energy Analytics

This presentation explains how the use of analytic software and diagnostic tools are increasing and may help uncover hidden operational opportunities.

By Claire Curtin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Videos December 18, 2018

Video: The Evolution of Commissioning at the University of Texas at Austin

This presentation examines the needs of an institutional client, and the gap left by the traditional new building commissioning process.

By Cx Energy
Videos December 11, 2018

Video: Demand Response. Best Practices for Multi-Division, Multi-site Program Implementation

This presentation cites the demand response program administered by New York City which provided up to 75MW of grid relief annually and earned revenue over $22 Million.

By Cx Energy
Videos December 4, 2018

Video: Cover your BAS: Simple Steps to Address Cybersecurity Concerns in Your Building Automation Systems

This presentation covers common vulnerabilities in BACnet systems and provides common sense approaches to ensure your Building Automation System deployments don't leave a building open to attack.

By Pook-Ping Yao, Optigo Networks