HVAC/R and Mechanical February 2, 2024

Impact of high-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants for engineers, building owners

John Keating, the vice president and general manager for stationary refrigerants at Honeywell, discusses the impact of high-global...

Amara Rozgus spoke with Michael Wilson at AHR Expo.
Building Automation and Controls January 31, 2024

What’s new with BACnet? Watch this video to learn more

The BACnet protocol, used in building automation, is constantly updating and shifting to meet the needs of building automation and...

Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
HVAC/R and Mechanical January 31, 2024

HVAC industry trends on display at AHR Expo

Lennox Commercial highlighted their Enlight dual fuel heat pump and their Model L Unit at the 2024 AHR Expo. Anna Steingruber, ass...

Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Video December 26, 2023

Video: How to design hospital electrical systems

Hospital electrical system design must accommodate every area including lighting, utilization devices and the entire electrical infrastructure.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Video November 15, 2023

Video: Commissioning of food service spaces overview challenges and lessons learned

The Commissioning Process offers opportunities to overcome challenges presented in unique spaces and help us deliver buildings with safe and functional food service facilities.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
Video November 1, 2023

Video: Enclosure commissioning maximizing value

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) and performance testing are required and implemented on more projects than ever before.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
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Video October 18, 2023

Video: Electric rate structures – importance of analysis

This session will examine some of the rate structures commonly used by utility companies and various incentives with the use of submetering the value of BECx.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
Video October 11, 2023

Video: Environmental, social and corporate governance for independent third-party Cx providers

This introductory presentation seeks to provide a basic understanding of ESG concepts and insights into the ramifications of changing procurement parameters affecting independent third-party commissioning provider (CxP) and energy management service operations. Discussion of ESG business opportunities for CxPs and EMPs is also included.

By Jim Magee, CxA, EMP
Courtesy: CxEnergy
Video September 27, 2023

Video: Case study – renovation of ASHRAE headquarters building

This presentation will show how a 1970’s era building was renovated into a net-zero building. This presentation goes through the process from the development of the owner project requirements through the selection of the design/construction team and finishing with the final product.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
Courtesy: CxEnergy
Video September 20, 2023

Video: Sustainability, decarbonization and electrification: Buzzwords or the future of the building performance industry?

Sustainability, decarbonization and electrification are appearing with increasing frequency in general and industry media. What do these terms mean in the context of our industry, and why are they important?

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)