Videos October 15, 2019

Video: Implementation of a Strategic Campus Sustainability and Energy Plan

This presentation analyzes the implementation of the policy, covering issues including energy assessments, commissioning, and long-term goals like achieving carbon-neutrality.

By Cx Energy
Videos October 8, 2019

Video: Introduction to PACE: Funding for Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Projects

This session—which includes two case studies—will discuss how PACE works, what types of improvements qualify and how much funding is available.

By Cx Energy
Videos October 1, 2019

Video: Leveraging Your BMS System to Identify Issues Before They are Issues

This presentation provides an overview of analytics and FDD. How they are implemented within BMS, how to use advanced analytics to predict facility issues, and how to use weather data to provide system control.

By Cx Energy
Videos September 24, 2019

Video: Managing Commissioning in a 185-Facility Health Care Corporation

This presentation will focus on how HCA utilizes a Cx database to assist two commissioning agents with this workload.

By Cx Energy
Videos September 17, 2019

Video: The Case for Cx: Updated Landmark Study Shows Evolution of Cx Costs & Benefits 2004-2018

This session will explore the results and findings of a 2018 update to the database and study, and discuss the challenges of accurate data gathering, particularly for ongoing and monitoringbased Cx.

By Cx Energy
Videos September 10, 2019

Video: Trends in Water Treatment Planning for Legionellosis Mitigation and Prevention

This presentation educates design engineers, building O&M staff, and building owners about health concerns related to Legionellosis, a form of pneumonia caused by the Legionnella bacteria which lives in inadequately maintained building water systems.

By Cx Energy
Videos September 3, 2019

Video: Using Infrared Technology to Define Energy Saving Opportunities

This practical, information-packed session explains many of the key test and balance challenges—from practical system design considerations, to the TAB Process, to obtaining meaningful and useful data—that if properly addressed in cooperation with an independent TAB firm can ensure that any project goes smoothly.

By Cx Energy
Videos March 19, 2019

Video: NYC’s Audit & RCx Statute, a Greater, Greener Building Plan

This session examines data produced since implementation, including lessons learned, efficiencies gained and a look into the City's more ambitious goals.

By Holly Savoia, Director of Sustainability for NYC LL87/09
Videos March 12, 2019

Video: Driving to Outcomes: How Evolving Energy Performance Policies Impact the Building Process

This session examines current and proposed outcomebased code provisions (including recent guidance from the NIBS) and how Cx providers and others focused on energy performance can assist building owners in achieving goals.

By Cx Energy
Videos March 5, 2019

Video: Case Study: Re-Commissioning an Industrial Gas Chiller

This case study examines re-starting, re-commissioning, and optimizing an industrial gas chiller used for drying well-head natural gas.

By Cx Energy