Networked air quality system for hospitality industry

April 9, 2024

Fellowes, a global leader and trusted partner that provides product solutions to fulfill a broad range of WorkLife needs, highlights its breakthrough Array air purification solution for hospitality facilities. Array enhances brand image and guest experiences by efficiently and quietly removing odors and contaminants. Fellowes’ Array combines innovative advanced technology with appealing product design, ensuring clean, healthy air while seamlessly blending into any environment including lobbies, fitness centers, meeting spaces, and bathrooms.

Array features Fellowes’ proprietary and patented EnviroSmart+ Technology that continuously monitors air quality, room occupancy, and noise levels. The technology then automatically adjusts air purification to provide maximum protection effectively, efficiently, and quietly on demand. This conserves energy and reduces operating costs while keeping guest disturbance to a minimum. Array’s Viewpoint, the cloud-based dashboard, provides data, notifications, and trends to building managers, easing maintenance needs, and enabling optimal indoor air quality management. With access to the dashboard, facilities managers gain valuable data for informed decision-making in managing and maintaining a fleet of remediation units throughout a property.

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