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To be held May 20-21 in Las Vegas, the second annual Voice-Data-Video Expo pulls all elements of the construction industry together. On this year's agenda is a wealth of special educational seminars and an exhibition hall packed with some of the latest advances in communications-infrastructure technology.


To be held May 20-21 in Las Vegas, the second annual Voice-Data-Video Expo pulls all elements of the construction industry together. On this year's agenda is a wealth of special educational seminars and an exhibition hall packed with some of the latest advances in communications-infrastructure technology. A few of the products to be shown by VDV Expo exhibitors are highlighted below.

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Patch cords incorporate a unique strain-relief and snagless feature—designed into the connector itself—that eliminates the need for bulky rubber boots. (Straightlinesupply.com, Booth 309)

Circle 21

Low-voltage mounting brackets offer versatility and secure mounting of Class-2 low-voltage wiring. Designed for new construction, the nonmetallic brackets may be mounted vertically or horizontally to wood or metal studs. (Arlington Industries, Booth 331)

Circle 22

Nonmetallic surface raceway is a flexible track for use in plenum areas. This flexible raceway is made with low-smoke, low-flame-propagation properties and is designed to reduce conduit kinks. (Carlon, Booth 208)

Circle 23

Firestopping products meet the needs of communications and data cabling with a re-entrable firestop system that allows adding or removal of cables. (Specified Technologies, Booth 114)

Circle 24

Cabling system includes passive-interconnect components, fiber-management products and test/termination kits to make it a solution for premises wiring using unshielded-twisted-pair or fiber-optic cable. (Wiremold, Booth 330)

Circle 25

Category-6 copper cabling is advantageous for running numerous networking applications. This multipurpose cable is designed to comfortably support Gigabit Ethernet in addition to supporting the convergence of voice, video and data. (Berk-Tek, Booth 306)

Circle 26

End-to-end UTP cabling for horizontal and backbone solutions is accompanied by a new four-poster cable management rack. (Ortronics, Booth 129)

Circle 27

Voice/data cabinet is preconfigured to protect a wide range of data- and voice-communication applications. The unit is designed to keep network components safe from dust and tampering while allowing easy maintenance. (Hoffman, Booth 210)

Circle 28

Multimedia cable consists of two Category-5e twisted-pair cables—tested to 200 MHz for voice and data—and two quad-shield RG-6 coaxial cables—tested to 2.4 GHz for video. (Genesis Cable, Booth 218)

Circle 29

Pipe clamps feature 1-1/2 in. of contact area to ensure electrical contact for ground faults and lightning currents. These clamps are connected to ground conductors via exothermic connections or compression lugs. (Harger Lightning Protection, Booth 430)

Circle 30

Flexible cable trays bend by hand in any direction—without cutting or clipping. Tray is available for overhead, direct-wall-mount or raised-floor installation. (Snake Tray, Booth 312)

Circle 31

Two-fiber connector features an integrated adapter, all-in-one unit and includes patented prepolished endface technology. (Corning Cable Systems, Booth 210)

Circle 32

Optical-fiber cabling assemblies streamline the process of connecting, deploying and adding capital equipment in data centers and storage-area networks. Factory-terminated and tested, the assemblies enable easier movement and redeployment of routers, servers and racks of disk drives. (Tyco Electronics, Booth 109)

Circle 33

J-hooks organize and support high-performance cable installations and can be assembled in the field using specially designed angle brackets. (Erico, Booth 502)

Circle 34

TV-signal distribution solution can serve two to 48 users with plug-in tap plates, equalizer and amplifier plates allowing for multiple configurations. (Toner Cable Equipment, Booth 217)

Circle 35

Structured-cabling tester checks and verifies STP and UTP patch cables and installed networks, providing instant results via LED indicators. (AVO International, Booth 327)

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