X Series 2-inch Modular Downlights

DMF Lighting March 13, 2023

The collection of modular 2-inch downlights feature field-changeable trims, modules and optics for exceptional versatility. The product family provides the ultimate in performance, installation, serviceability and finishes. A breakthrough for error-free installation, the downlights are shipped with a patent-pending collar eliminating over-cutting and drywall repair, common with small-aperture fixtures. The collar provides depth adjustment and a secure fit, making flush-to-ceiling installation in drywall or millwork easy to achieve.  Downlight or adjustable (360-deg rotation and 35-deg tilt) modules are paired with a universal housing, offering a small footprint without sacrificing light output (750 to 1500 lumens) – comparable performance to 3- and 4-in. downlights in ceilings up to 10 feet.

Drivers are integrated into the light engine modules versus the housing, providing ideal space efficiency, performance reliability and serviceability. Housings have a unique trap door, providing post-install access to the splice box below the ceiling plane. Together these features allow for painless serviceability, unheard of in a 2-inch fixture. The tool-less, field-interchangeable optics allow for ultimate flexibility in aiming a project and include 15-, 25-, 40-, and 60-deg and linear spread distributions. Color temperatures range from 2700K – 4000K and include Warm Dim and Tunable White with a 93+ CRI.

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