Single Phase Isolation Transformer 300 VA – 60 kVA

March 29, 2023

ATO single phase isolation transformer is a type of transformer that provides electrical isolation between the primary and secondary windings. It is commonly used in applications where there is a need for electrical isolation and/or where the voltage needs to be stepped up or down. The optional primary voltages and secondary voltages are 110V/120V/208V/220V/230V/240V. The power rating of ATO single phase isolation transformer can range from 300 VA to 60 kVA depending on the customers’ requirement. The specific power rating needed for a single phase isolation transformer will depend on the specific application and the amount of power required. For example, A 300 VA transformer might be suitable for a small medical device or audio equipment, while a 25 kVA transformer might be needed for a large industrial application. It is important to consult with ATO electrical engineer or online service staffs to determine the appropriate transformer for a specific application.

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