Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters

Leviton October 3, 2022

Leviton recently introduced the new VerifEye™ Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters. The meters are designed to monitor a comprehensive data set of electrical parameters for industrial applications. Ideal for power distribution panels and custom panel shops, these meters fit in a standard 92mm x 92mm panel mount cutout and are offered with a range of Split Core and Rogowski smart current transformers (CTs) to cover a broad range of applications.

Industrial processing facilities are major consumers of electricity and other utilities that often need to monitor industrial processes for profitability. The VerifEye™ Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters are ideal solutions for budget-minded facilities looking to monitor energy-intensive processes and manage energy consumption for cost reduction.

This addition to the VerifEye submetering line is available in either Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet) interfaces and offers ease of integration with standard snap-in mounting, auto-ranging CTs, and a configuration wizard.

The Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters allow end users to set thresholds as part of energy demand reduction programs and participate in demand response programs.

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