Quick Fitting Electrical

Quick Fitting November 1, 2022

Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, highlights its push to connect Quick Fitting Electrical connectors, which make Quick Fitting’s quick connection technology available for electrical connections. QuickFitting Electrical delivers easy, one-hand use connections for PVC Rigid Schedule 40 and 80 conduits. 

Quick Fitting Electrical connectors install quickly with no tools needed, saving significant time. Designed for ease of use, its push-on installation can be carried out with one hand. In addition to easy installation, the fittings provide quick and easy removal with SlipClip, Quick Fitting’s patented removal tool. Having been tested for up to 100 removal cycles, the fittings are also removable and reusable, cutting costs and eliminating excess waste. 

Made to UL, IP66, and NEMA45 standards, Quick Fitting Electrical connectors are watertight, dust-tight, concrete-tight, and rated for direct burial. The fittings, including locknut and gasket, seal the installation with a raintight connection to the box. 

Quick Fitting Electrical connectors are manufactured with the highest-grade fabrication. UV-resistant PVC protects against damaging effects of ultraviolet light, such that the fittings will not degrade in outdoor environments. 

For more information about Quick Fitting Electrical visit https://www.quickfitting.com/products/electrical/.

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