Modular Air Distribution Systems for Operating and Imaging Rooms

Greenheck March 20, 2024

Greenheck’s new modular air distribution systems accommodate the specialized medical, mechanical, and electrical considerations of operating and imaging rooms. Incorporating laminar diffuser arrays that simplify coordination during design and installation, these modular systems maximize diffuser coverage over the patient ensuring optimal conditions for medical procedures. 

Model HLC-MPA modular plenum array utilizes configurable diffuser segments assembled on-site to create a single low-profile diffuser array. This allows engineers to make the most of available ceiling space by eliminating the need to individually duct each diffuser. Available in an assortment of sizes, the diffuser segments can be linked together in virtually any combination to cover the surgical site.

Model HLC-SPA structural modular plenum array is designed to be a turnkey laminar diffuser array that maximizes air cleanliness while reducing design, coordination, and installation time.

Model HLC-HCG heavy-duty ceiling grids seamlessly integrate laminar flow diffusers, equipment booms, and surgical luminaires to create the central diffuser array. Available in customizable configurations to fit any room, HLC-HCG ceiling grid systems allow for diffusers to be placed closer together than surface mounting, maximizing patient coverage.

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