LED Tape Light Family

Alloy LED January 25, 2022

Alloy LED has increased the maximum run lengths of its high-quality PrimaLine tape lights up to 82 feet. Featuring an innovative circuit design, the tape lights maintain the same brightness level throughout the length of the tape, from the beginning to the end of the run, for the best performing tape lights on the market.In addition to the high light quality from end to end, the extended run lengths save electricians installation time and money – by up to 50% – by reducing the need for multiple drivers and power leads. Ideal for larger coves, hallways, retail displays and other long run applications, the new pioneering design is being introduced on Alloy LED’s most popular PrimaLine DC tape lights, including the PrimaLine 1.5 (12V and 24V), PrimaLine 3 (12V and 24V) and the PrimaLine 1.5 XT and 3 XT long run tape lights.The new maximum run lengths include:PrimaLine 1.5 Tape Lightso   24V = 67 feeto   12V = 34 feetPrimaLine 1.5 XT Long Run Tape Lightso   24V = 82 feetPrimaLine 3 Tape Lightso   24V = 33 feeto   12V = 21 feetPrimaLine 3 XT Long Run Tape Lights o   24V = 50 feetThe UL Listed PrimaLine tape lights are offered in multiple lumen outputs, color temperatures and industry-leading high 95+ CRI options. The LED products also feature high R9 and R13 values for superb rendering of warm tones. T

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