AFL-601 Wind-Driven Rain FEMA Louver

April 8, 2024

Greenheck’s line of FEMA 361 tornado louvers has expanded with the addition of model AFL-601, the first wind-driven rain FEMA louver to be listed for AMCA 550 High-Velocity Wind-Driven Rain. Constructed of extruded aluminum with a 6-in. frame depth, the unit’s dual module design incorporates front chevron blades with rear vertical rain-resistant blades for superior weather resistance. In addition to AMCA 550, the AFL-601 is listed for AMCA 540 (Test Method for Louvers Impacted by Wind Borne Debris), Certified for AMCA 500-L Wind-Driven Rain, Water Penetration, and Airflow Performance, and boasts 43.6% free area (4 ft. x 4 ft.)–the highest in its class. AFL-601 is a UL Classified Wind-Storm Rated Assembly passing the stringent ICC 500 test standards for both structural and debris impact criteria in accordance with FEMA Guidelines P-320 and P-361. Model AFL-601 is ideal for FEMA tornado safe rooms, storm shelters, and applications in the Hurricane-Prone Region or any location where maximum protection against wind-driven rain is necessary. Louver model AFL-601 is patent pending.

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