The Benefits of Keeping MEP and Civil Engineering Under One Roof

The ongoing cooperation between MEP and civil engineering teams keeps projects more organized, transparent, and cost-effective.

By RTM Associates March 26, 2019

Many of RTM Engineering Consultants’ large-scale projects are a fusion of mechanicalelectrical, and plumbing (MEP) and civil engineering services. RTM specializes in both MEP and civil engineering, helping clients meet their goals on time and under budget.

“The biggest benefit of having MEP and civil in-house is the ease of coordination,” said Scott DiGilio, Principal at RTM. “There’s often a disconnect between MEP and civil engineering on a project. MEP is working with the architect, and civil is typically working for the developer, and there can be gaps in communication between the two teams that lead to problems. But because RTM does it all, our teams work in tandem to make sure the process is smooth and everyone is on the same page.”

RTM offers comprehensive MEP and civil engineering expertise for diverse commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal projects. RTM’s company culture is fundamentally collaborative, allowing team members to combine their skills and experiences for maximum effect.

“We build teams based on the strengths of each individual,” said Matt Whisler, Senior Civil Engineer at RTM. “So all of our teams have different ideas to draw from to create thorough solutions. Our approach is founded in teamwork. We never want one person to do one thing and get stuck in a path. Everybody is looking at the project from different angles, commenting on things, helping each other, providing quality control.”

The ongoing cooperation between MEP and civil engineering teams keeps projects more organized, transparent, and cost-effective. Clients don’t have to worry about information slipping through the cracks; the teams are in constant communication to meet requirements and address any problems that arise.

“It’s really advantageous to have everything in-house,” said DiGilio. “A few recent projects are very complex and require a lot of coordination between MEP and civil. We’re coordinating important factors like utility conflict resolutions, service demands and locations, etc., and it’s so valuable to be able to walk across the room  to talk to other team members. This happens even on projects we’re not directly involved in. The MEP team will run questions or ideas by the civil team and vice versa. It helps us solve issues together, instead of in our own vacuums.”

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