New Products: 12/16/04

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 16, 2004

One-Stop Energy Intelligence System is an integrated system that allows business users to allocate and bill costs for all utility services, including electricity, gas, water and steam, to the actual users. The system gives businesses important snapshots of their energy use and enables them to better understand when, where and how energy is being used in their organizations, as well as the power quality levels at each monitored point. With this energy intelligence, manufacturers, commercial properties, government and educational facilities can better control costs and improve operational efficiencies. For more information on RightEnergy from Emon click here .

adds energy intelligence to process and building automation systems by providing an all-in-one package for energy system monitoring for operations personnel, with analysis and control that helps large energy-intensive businesses to reduce energy-related costs and maximize uptime. To enable deep integration within an enterprise, the software offers multiple options to integrate power and energy information with process and building automation applications, including new OPC (open process control) client and server functionality. This can help operations personnel control loads and address potential problems in response to real-time energy information. For more information about ION Enterprise 5.5 from Power Measurement, click here .

System Manager Software (SMS) is now available in Version 4.0, featuring an entirely redesigned and more intuitive user interface, and includes standard web-enabled capabilities for each member of the product family. Users can access it from anywhere within their facility as long as they have security clearance and access to the company’s intranet. For more information about PowerLogic SMS from Schneider, click here .