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By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff September 23, 2005

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RSS (really simple syndication) allows Websites to make their most recent content available to you automatically. A program called an RSS reader, or “aggregator,” helps you to organize and view the various RSS feeds that you choose to subscribe to. Most feeds ( CSE ‘s included) contain a headline, an abstract, and a link to each article. The power of RSS lies in its ability to cut out the clutter

CSE has made this service available so that mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers have quicker, easier access to the news, products, trends, and headlines that shape the design and construction industry.

First you need to load an RSS aggregator program onto your computer. RSS aggregator programs . Frequently Asked Questions about RSS. Newsgator , which one can use in either of two versions, one that is

What RSS is not

CSE ‘s RSS headline service is not intended as a substitute for licensing the complete content of our articles. Please contact our licensing department if you’d like to use our article content.