Jensen Hughes brand launches after historic merger

Jensen Hughes is launched as the merged company of the RJA Group and Hughes Associates.

By Jensen Hughes January 6, 2015

Following the merger of Rolf Jensen & Associates (The RJA Group) and Hughes Associates on June 27, 2014, a new company name has been announced, Jensen Hughes. A company of 500 engineers, consultants, and scientists, Jensen Hughes provides consulting services in education, energy, health care, hospitality, industrial, corporate real estate, transportation, and government.

"Our people are dedicated to finding cost-effective, data driven, and evidence-based solutions to the challenges that our clients face," said Phil Rogers, CEO of Jensen Hughes. "We have a reputation for pushing the envelope of scientific engineering, which earns us the opportunity to work on projects that set the bar higher for the science of safety." 

Jensen Hughes also has technical expertise in fire protection engineering, code consulting, hazard and risk consulting, forensic science, commissioning, and security.