Electric protection benefits for engineers in building design

Electrical engineers who understand the full circuit protection requirements will be able to design safe and reliable electrical distribution systems for buildings. Learn more and register for an upcoming webcast on June 28.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer June 23, 2023

The electrical engineer is responsible for designing power distribution systems for buildings. Understanding the full circuit protection requirements will enable the engineer to design the safest and most reliable electrical distribution systems for buildings. Circuit protection requires an understanding of the power distribution system as well as the development of a protection scheme for circuit overloads, ground faults, and short circuits. Circuit protection can be further enhanced by implementing selective coordination design techniques. The design must also provide adequate personnel protection and minimizing disruption.

In a June 28 webcast, presenters John Yoon and Randall Ehret will describe the fundamentals and best practices for electrical circuit protection as well as a case study putting this information into practice.

Topics addressed during the webcast include

  • Guiding principles in electrical distribution design.
  • The four “R’s” of resiliency when it comes to electrical distribution design and how they protect engineers.
  • Electrical engineering fundamentals such as fuses, arc flash and more.

The webcast also features a specific case study example involving electrical design for a suburban hospital, which describes how one-line concepts were developed from a diagram and how the circuit protective techniques were applied. The case study also describes approaches to mitigate potential budget constraints and value engineering webcasts.

Click here to register for the webcast.

The webcast is AIA CES approved and an LU is available for attendees upon the successful completion of the exam.