Customer Comfort (Options, Philip Morris)

Our February 2002 issue featured an advertising supplement focusing on IAQ for both smokers and non-smokers.

By Staff March 5, 2002

Smoking is a part of our society, and by most accounts is here to stay. But the society of smoking has changed over the years. Smoking is not permitted in most workplaces across the country. And while it is still permitted in most restaurants, hotels, bars and other social gathering areas, many locations, like California, have banned smoking altogether.

This begs the question: how can smokers and non-smokers both be accommodated in a public place without such drastic measures?

With a grant provided by Options , Philip Morris USA, the staffs of Consulting-Specifying Engineer , Chain Leader , Hotels and Restaurants & Institutions developed a roundtable to examine this issue, and get the perspectives of those in the hotel and restaurant industry, where allowing smoking can still be a crucial part of accommodating their patrons. Also, recognizing that ventilation and ensuring indoor air quality can be key solutions to this problem, ventilation experts were included to offer insight on the most effective and efficient means of creating healthy smoking environments.

Late last year, these players gathered at a roundtable to discuss common practices related to accommodating smoking, possible solutions and what the future may hold regarding legislation.

To read the roundtable, click on the link below: Customer Comfort: A Discussion on Accommodating Smokers and Non-Smokers (7 pgs.) 1044 kb

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