Compact diesel engine

The G-drive engines were developed to power the KD Series of diesel industrial generators.

By Kohler December 9, 2016

The line of G-Drive engines was developed to power the KD Series of KOHLER and KOHLER-SDMO diesel industrial generators. The compact engines deliver between 709 and 3608 kWm standby power at 50 Hz and between 891 and 4250 kWm standby power at 60 Hz. Each line co-developed by Kohler and Liebherr contains three engines. Both series of engines incorporate a modular design with common components to reduce spare parts inventory and increase serviceability. Liebherr designed the engines with rail injection, pressures reaching up to 2200 bar. The engine control unit (ECU), is supported by KODIA diagnostic software for intuitive monitoring. The engines turbocharger system optimizes airflow to the cylinders while the low-noise combustion system optimizes pressure. The system works in combination with a rigid engine block, crankcase, and sub-frame to reduce noise and vibration.