Central controller with network adapter software

Variable refrigerant flow systems can be integrated with a BACnet or LonWorks system with adapters, or can use a remote-access, web-based dedicated system.

By Johnson Controls March 25, 2016

Johnson Controls’ central controller and network adapter software are designed for management of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems within a building management system or independently. VRF systems can be integrated with a BACnet or LonWorks system with adapters, or can use a remote-access, Web-based dedicated system. The BACnet adapter software can control up to 64 refrigerant systems and 160 indoor units. It also provides Web-based interface for configuration, streamlined installation, and commissioning of indoor units with an auto-discovery function. The Web-enabled central controller’s interface allows a VRF system to be controlled and monitored by up to five local or remote Windows-based PCs or tablets.

Johnson Controls


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