Air quality estimation software

SCOPE estimation software calculates outdoor air and ROI for ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1's VRP and IAQP

By Fresh-Aire UV February 17, 2015

SCOPE is an automated estimation software tool for reducing energy-intensive outdoor air requirements through ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1’s VRP and IAQP provisions.

SCOPE calculates minimum outdoor air allowances and return-on-investment (ROI) results when applying VRP and IAQP’s sorptive air cleaning provision. ASHRAE recently introduced the IAQP to help facilities trim operational costs by partially reducing outdoor air dilution by 5% to 30% through the use of sorptive air purification methods.

Required input parameters include unit size, airborne contaminants of concern (CoC), building use, and other related statistics. SCOPE automatically calculates and inputs weather data based on more than 50 selected North American geographical regions.

Results are exported as a full-color PDF file that displays the amount of ASHRAE 62.1-compliant outdoor air reduction allowed, energy savings, ROI (in U.S. dollars), and air purification equipment payback. The exported PDF file presentations can enhance commercial building HVAC new construction project bids and substantiate potential LEED credits.

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