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Notification speaker offers field selectable audio power taps from 1/16 to 4 watts, with a frequency range from 400 Hz to 4,000 Hz. Units feature an integrated multi-candela strobe light on a metal grille. The 1/16 wattage produces a sound level of 77.1 dB and is designed to use half the power of conventional speakers.


Notification speaker offers field selectable audio power taps from 1/16 to 4 watts, with a frequency range from 400 Hz to 4,000 Hz. Units feature an integrated multi-candela strobe light on a metal grille. The 1/16 wattage produces a sound level of 77.1 dB and is designed to use half the power of conventional speakers. (S-HPMG-MCS by Siemens Building Technologies, Fire Safety Div.)

Bubbler is intended for use with manufacturer's drinking fountains and features a special anti-microbial agent for an extra level of sanitation and security. It is made of a pliable polyester elastomer that flexes upon impact before returning to its original position. (Flexi-Guard by Elkay Manufacturing Company)

LED luminaires feature die-cast plates in five standard metallic and painted finishes and LED circuit board with 26 white LED lamps and quick-connect wiring plug. The tiles are pre-assembled and include special front and back diffusing disks with a highly reflective white Mylar plate to ensure uniform light emission. (LED LightTile by Ardee Lighting)

Fume and dust collector combines three-stage filtration with versatility and ease of use, and is intended for industrial- fume source capture and for plants requiring periodic dust collection at various locations. Applications include welding fumes, grinding dusts, dry dusts, soldering fumes and other air-borne particles. (Zephyr II by Farr Air Pollution Control)

Graphical interface allows users to communicate with manufacturer's data acquisition and management information system and provides a comprehensive, real-time assessment of essential equipment and operations within a facility. It can be custom-programmed for each facility's monitoring needs and is based on standard PC technology using the Microsoft Windows OS. (InSite Plus Monitoring and Management System by Piller, Inc.)

Sensors are available for photoelectric, inductive proximity and ultrasonic applications. Each unit automatically adjusts to give the maximum sensing distance no matter what environment. Ultrasonic units are suited for difficult environments be-cause they're unaffected by dust, ambient noise or temperature fluctuations. (TELEMECANIQUE by Schneider Electric)

Horizontal split-case pump is engineered to move clear water or low-viscosity clear fluids at moderate heads. The pump is available in capacities from 50 to over 100,000 gpm, with single-stage heads to 550 ft. and two-stage heads to 1,150 ft., or in custom sizes. (Type "A" by Patterson Pump)

Open-frame rack is specialized for data communication centers and telecommunication central offices in earthquake-prone regions. Available in widths of 19 and 23 in., the rack provides a mechanically secure platform for datacom or telecom equipment to ensure both equipment protection and network integrity during earthquake tremors. (Schroff Seismic Open Frame Rack by Pentair)

Media converters connect data signals between copper and fiber-optic cables. Specifically, they convert 100Base TX data signals from a copper interface (RJ-45) to a 100BaseT FX fiber-optic inter-face for interference-free data transmission. They are de-signed specifically for industrial control cabinets. (FL-MC by Phoenix)

Thermal imager takes thermal images and temperature measurements in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp and paper processing and other manufacturing and production facilities. It has a measurement range of 32-482°F, a long wavelength spectral range of 7-14 microns, an optical resolution of 90:1 and a storage capacity of 100 temperature-calibrated images and data. (ThermoView Ti30 by Raytek Corporation)

Horizontal boiler feed system is available in seven sizes from 50 to 500 gal. to feed up to 500-hp boilers, 15 to 250 PSI. Pumps are mounted in front of tank for easy accessibility and feature TEFC pump motors and NEMA 12 enclosures. The system's horizontal design reduces the required headroom, with the largest model only 78 in. high. (Boiler feed system by Bryan Steam)

Lighting housings are for 18- or 26-watt quad-tube CFLs and are constructed of sturdy, lightweight 22-gauge cold-rolled steel. They are compatible with open, lensed and wall-washed trims, for a variety of interchangeable lighting effects, with self-aligning bar hangers and locking T-bar notch. (LiteBox QBX by Prescolite)

Controller is microprocessor-based, and it monitors any 4-20 mA signal. It has six programmable relay outputs that can be used for control and alarm. The transducer input zero and span are fully configurable, and the simulation mode allows users to test set points and relay operation. (SP6R Level Controller by SJE-Rhombus)

Microprocessor interface is programmable and is designed for the electronics, industrial and HVAC control markets. It can control the speed of and monitor tach pulses from one or two direct-current fans (24 or 48 volt) that are used in applications such as file servers, storage subsystems, medical devices, telecommunications equipment and HVAC systems. (SmartFan Cirrus by Control Resources)

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