VELTRON III Pressure and Flow Transmitter

September 19, 2023

The VELTRON III Pressure & Airflow Transmitter is a pivotal addition to the HVAC industry. Designed for cutting-edge building airflow distribution systems, fan inlet airflow measurement, and room pressurization, the VELTRON III is set to redefine the standards of reliability and accuracy in airflow measurement. The VELTRON III is a multifunctional, dual-channel transmitter specifically engineered for HVAC airflow measurement applications. Its versatility shines through as it seamlessly integrates with differential or static pressure measurement devices, including probes, stations, piezo rings, and traverse-style fan inlet probes.The VELTRON III stands out with its ±3% of reading accuracy when combined with Air Monitor probes, outperforming traditional percentage-of-full-scale measurements. Its Dual-Channel capability minimizes the need for multiple transmitters, enabling use in split systems by combining or subtracting two flow rates or monitoring two independent flow streams.

Boasting a tailor-made array of precision transducers, the VELTRON III sets a new benchmark for turndown and accuracy, addressing the demands of modern high-performance buildings. What truly sets it apart is its revolutionary transducer design, eliminating the need for periodic re-zeroing — a common inconvenience with traditional differential pressure-based technologies.

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