NTB7L Power Tubing Bender

NAVAC January 17, 2023

NAVAC, the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, charging machines, recovery units and industry-specific items, has introduced the HVAC/R industry’s first power tubing bender. The newest addition to the company’s BreakFree series of conveniently cordless tools, NAVAC’s NTB7L Power Tubing Bender is designed to make a typically time-intensive chore far simpler, quicker, and more precise. The NTB7L joins the NTE11L Power Tubing Expander and award-winning NEF6LM Power Flaring Tool in NAVAC’s family of battery-operated tubing tools. For HVAC service technicians, bending large-diameter tubing is often a difficult, time-consuming task requiring high levels of attention and precision. Often, part of the frustration is removing the bent tube from a conventional bender mandrel. NAVAC’s power tubing bender represents an exacting, time-saving solution to this often laborious process. Suitable for seven distinct tubing sizes with outside diameters (OD) ranging from ¼” to 7/8”, the NTB7L Power Tubing Bender allows soft ACR copper to be bent to any desired angle up to 90 degree via a single press/release control switch, and offers simple OD size changes in just seconds. Upon a completed bend, the unit’s baffle automatically ejects the tubing while the tool resets – eliminating the end-of-bend struggles common with manual applications.

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