HVAC Monitoring Sensors

May 15, 2024

Sensaphone provides specialized sensors designed to help facility managers maintain optimal HVAC conditions and ensure efficient equipment operation. These sensors monitor key parameters, including pressure, vibration, differential pressure and airflow. By continuously collecting real-time data, the sensors enable the accompanying monitoring device to promptly notify the designated personnel when readings fall outside the established norms. Users can integrate these versatile sensors with any monitoring system that accepts a 4-20 mA input signal. 

Pressure sensors are used to track and identify decreases in boiler pressure within hot water systems at large facilities including hospitals, schools, hotels, hospitals, universities and residential communities.

Vibration sensors from Sensaphone can be permanently mounted on machinery including fans, generators, cooling towers and pumps, as well as used in chillers and boilers, to provide ongoing measurement of vibration velocity.

Differential pressure sensors gauge air pressure in two distinct areas and promptly signal discrepancies between the readings.

Duct-mount airflow transmitters measure the rate of airflow, monitor the presence or absence of cool moving air and measure relative airflow from 0-16 meters per second.

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