HomeSeal Xpress (HSX)

January 3, 2023

Aeroseal is the industry’s leading advanced and automatic air duct sealing solution. Backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures and implemented in over 250,000 commercial and residential buildings, it is raising the energy performance of buildings by addressing air and duct leakage causing serious weaknesses. This is a consequential climate solution for the built environment.

HomeSeal Xpress (HSX) is the latest and lightest iteration of Aeroseal’s technology. This is the first airless adaptation and fifth product innovation for HomeSeal. Aeroseal’s research and development team engineered it to make it more easy and economical to integrate into residential new construction. The modifications made were improvements to the internal layout of the boxes and refinements to the new automatic gate feature. It is computer-controlled and allows builders to dial in airtightness to fulfill air leakage requirements in real-time. This translates to a healthier indoor environment and lower heating & cooling costs for the homeowner.

HSX seals structures without an air compressor. Instead, it sprays the sealant with the new airless pump. Without the external air compressor, the technology is now at its lightest with a more compact box. Because of this, the technology has a smaller footprint and is now more mobile for transportation.

Since its start, Aeroseal has achieved close to $2 billion in energy savings.

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