Eluxa life safety notification devices

Eaton September 1, 2022

Eluxa features a complete portfolio of indoor notification appliances with a comprehensive range of low and high candela settings, six candela settings in a single device. Utilizing the latest advancements in LED technology, Eluxa features the industry’s lowest current draw across the full candela range, providing the ultimate in energy efficiency. Competitive models can draw up to 3 times the current, and an average circuit consumes 70% more current than Eluxa devices. This substantially reduces overall power consumption, allowing for a greater number of appliances on the NAC and fewer power supplies, resulting in significant material and system cost savings.

In addition, Eluxa features a compact, aesthetically pleasing design that doesn’t detract from building décor.

The product line has been UL/ ULC listed as compatible with all fire alarm control panels and accessories that have been determined to be compatible with Wheelock RSS strobe-based products and Exceder LED3. This means Eluxa devices are backward compatible with one of the largest installed bases in the country. It also meets the 20-millisecond light pulse duration requirements of NFPA 72 2016. By meeting this requirement, the Eluxa product line has been listed by UL to allow mixing of Wheelock legacy xenon devices in the same field of view.

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