InOvate November 8, 2022

InOvate, a manufacturer of premium residential construction venting products, has expanded its product line with a new paintable version of its popular DryerWallVent – DryerWallVent Paintable Model.

Featuring a sleek, clean-lined design, Prime DryerWallVent allows professionals to provide homeowners with DryerWallVent color choices that go beyond the standard White, Tan, Brown and Black offering, adding versatility and the ability to blend with virtually any color palette.

“Now, with seemingly infinite options to beautify exteriors, builders have more control in making sure the exterior of a home is as beautiful as the interior,” said Todd Peach, vice president of marketing at InOvate. “This latest addition to the DryerWallVent family provides the same high quality features of our DryerWallVent venting solution while enabling a seamlessly integrated aesthetic for enhanced visual appeal.”

DryerWallVent Paintable Model (Model DWV4P) is a paintable model that features PPG’s Enviracryl® and Envirocron® powder coatings, producing a uniform, weather-resistant finish. In addition, DryerWallVent offers rugged durability through its deep drawn Galvalume® heavy gauge steel construction.

Engineered for both vent replacement and new construction, Prime DryerWallVent meets or exceeds all code requirements for safe dryer venting. The vent mates easily to any four inch duct work for quick installation. Features

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