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Generation March 1, 2022

Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed articles, February 2022

Read the best articles in February 2022 including: Health care generators, electrical power quality, switch time duration, lighting controls and more.

By Chris Vavra
Specifying generator set paralleling controls
Generation February 25, 2022

Your questions answered: Specifying generator set paralleling controls

In this additional Q&A, learn how to parallel generators for emergency power systems, along with their fundamental control features

By Hassan Obeid
Generation December 2, 2021

Understand the distinctions of generators for health care

Generator systems designed for health care occupancies have a unique set of requirements

By James Lessard
Generation October 7, 2021

Education Session: Specifying Generator Set Fuel Sources

By attending this course attendees will learn about gaseous generator sets, and how NFPA 110 affects their specifications.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Courtesy: Cummins
Generation May 25, 2021

Your questions answered: Evaluating and selecting generator set fuel sources

Learn about the applications of and building code considerations for specifying generator fuel sources

By Mark Taylor
Generation January 28, 2020

Case study: Leading-edge energy generation and storage

The California Air Resources Board will employ a battery energy storage system

By Kevin Krause, PE, LEED AP, Affiliated Engineers, Madison, Wisconsin
Generation June 24, 2019

Generators function as a reliable alternative power supply

When designing standby power systems for facilities such as data centers, hospitals, pumping stations, generation or processing plants, engineers should make informed decisions regarding proper generator size and operation methods to protect critical loads.

By Zia Salami, Ph.D., CDM Smith, Charlotte, North Carolina; Nick Holway, PE, CDM Smith, Boston; and Tyler Roschen, PE, CDM Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina
Generation May 22, 2019

Power generation: Where were we then? Where are we now?

A change in tide in domestic fuel resources and the introduction of renewables transforming how we operate our grid has led to significant shifts in the energy industry.

By Joe Estrada
Generation November 12, 2018

Planning for power outages

As part of its mission to help New York communities become more resilient to storm damage and the growing impacts of climate change, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) partnered with the City and Town of Amsterdam and local volunteers to develop a New York Rising Community Reconstruction Plan for the two municipalities.

By Shahidul Joarder
Generation September 28, 2018

Case study: Hospital generator noise attenuated

Four outdoor diesel generators were designed for a hospital, and sound levels were better than expected.

By Tom Divine, PE, LEED AP, Smith Seckman Reid, Houston