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Integration November 10, 2021

3D design in a 2D world: Accelerating innovation with 2D BIM

BIM isn’t a singular idea or just 3D modeling software; it’s an engineering tool that aids designers by increasing efficiency and optimization.

By Adam Roth
Courtesy: Justin Maconochie, Stantec
Integration October 28, 2021

Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed integration articles in 2021

Read the best articles about BAS integration, smart grid integration, BIM use in a pandemic, building integration and more.

By Chris Vavra
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Integration August 25, 2021

Your questions answered: Transforming the Construction Cycle to Build Smart Buildings

Questions left unanswered during the webcast are answered here by Joe Richard

By Joe Richard
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System Integration May 11, 2020

Seamless integration: How big is the seam?

Seamless connectivity for system integrators is a challenge, but the Internet of Things (IoT) can make the path from the integrator to the user experience an easier one.

By Mike Phillips
System Integration December 3, 2019

Leveraging BIM for improved project coordination, integration

Building information modeling can help construction companies enhance productivity, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution

By Amanda Comunale, Victaulic, Easton, Pa.
System Integration December 4, 2018

Case study: System integration for intelligent buildings

Chicago’s newest intelligent building follows best practices to ensure successful system integration throughout.

By David Clute, cohesionIB, Colorado, and Rick Szcodronski, cohesionIB, California
Integration October 31, 2018

Leaning into IPD: A primer for engineers: definitions

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is aimed at more directly connecting what the end users are expecting to get and what actually gets built for them, while at the same time minimizing lifecycle costs and shortening the overall schedule.

By Laurence V. Wilson, PE, ASHRAE HFDP, LEED AP, CDT
Integration October 18, 2018

Improving construction industry efficiency with IPD

A review of the basic concepts relating to an integrated project delivery (IPD) model and the role that the consulting engineer plays in the collaborative efforts to design, build, and operate IPD facilities as efficiently as possible.

By Mike Zorich, PE, LEED AP; and Dave Pflipsen, PE, LEED AP
Integration September 28, 2018

Ask an Engineering Expert: What trends do you see today in the design of industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities?

In this installment of our Ask an Engineering Expert series, Marcin Jakubowski, Senior Mechanical Engineer at RTM Engineering Consultants, answers the question: What trends do you see today in the design of industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities?

By Marcin Jakubowski, RTM Associates
Integration September 24, 2018

Your questions answered: Pre-Construction: How Focusing on it Early Helps Profitability Later

The September 13, 2018 “Pre-Construction: How Focusing on it Early Helps Profitability Later” webcast presenter addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Brendan Haas, Panduit